19 Key Metrics to Guide Your First Blog

My email service provider (ConvertKit) recently published a great report called State of the Blogging Industry. In it, they reveal some fascinating findings gleaned from a survey of more than 850 bloggers. Since I regularly advise my readers to start a blog to begin content marketing, I thought I’d see which blogging metrics might help guide you as you jump ... Read More »

Richard Branson’s daily routine Blogging and 20 cups of tea

Billionaire Richard Branson sticks to a daily routine. But his usual day doesn’t sound much like anyone else’s. The Virgin Group founder outlined his usual routine in a blog post and, predictably, it’s bonkers. Get up at 5 a.m. The perfect time to start the day if you’re a billionaire living in the British Virgin Islands. Go kitesurfing “I get ... Read More »

Living life as a university blogger

Upper Hutt’s Callum Tokorangi has been selected as one of 10 first-year University of Auckland students to write for The Inside Word, the university’s blog. From Fresher Flu to the perils of wet weather, one former Upper Hutt College student is detailing the highs and lows of his first year at university. Callum Tokorangi was one of 10 first-year students ... Read More »

Why Your Blog Must Have Visually Appealing Graphics

Do you read any blogs on a regular basis? Blogs can be invaluable resources to grow your business skills by gleaning the hottest trends and research in your industry. They can also be entertaining or just a big waste of time. Think about the blogs you follow on a regular basis. What initially attracted you to read them? Was it ... Read More »

Meet the journalist who invented sports blogging a century ago

By Ed Sherman • March 7, 2017 To those who think sports blogging is an invention of the modern era, guess again. Ring Lardner beat Bill Simmons and others like him by about 80-90 years. A new book, “The Lost Journalism of Ring Lardner,” edited by Ron Rapoport, should be required reading for sports journalists who want to know the ... Read More »

Twitter Tries to Get Real, Trades In CEO

(NEWSER) – Twitter has shunted CEO Jack Dorsey into the chairman’s role and given his job to current chairman and co-founder Evan Williams, CNET reports. The micro-blogging site has grown fast since launching last year and has been surrounded by plenty of buzz—but while managers say things are right on track, it still lacks a working revenue model. “We all think ... Read More »

Service Cuts Make AOL Even More Useless

(NEWSER) – AOL is cutting two more of its website’s offerings, a blog creator and a data hosting service, Peter Kafka notes on Silicon Alley Insider. Users of AOL Journals, which hosts blogs, will be migrated to an equivalent host. Users of AOL Hometown, which mainly store photos—and, Kafka sniffs, is “as anachronistic as a dial-up ISP”—received a stiffer message: ... Read More »

Pay-It-Forward Movement Finds Niche on Web

(NEWSER) – The Internet is home to a small but growing trend that would seem anathema to hard-headed bloggers and pithy posters who regularly lay waste to others online: niceness. In Philadelphia, New York, and elsewhere, theInquirer finds, civic-minded netizens are setting up sites that extol, and even enable, random acts of kindness. “These sites may be in response to ... Read More »

New Rite: Baby Blogging

(NEWSER) – Soon after entering the world, babies are forging online identities compliments of eager parents, theNew York Times reports. “It does feel a little funny to personalize it in his voice,” says a blogging mommy who “friends” other babies on behalf of her son. For many parents, social networking is an easier way than email to keep relatives updated ... Read More »

Blogger Arrested in GN’R Leak

(NEWSER) – FBI agents arrested a blogger suspected of posting songs from the unreleased Guns N’ Roses albumChinese Democracy on his website; the 27-year-old appeared in court yesterday, where bail was set at $10,000. Kevin Cogill, who reportedly admitted to streaming nine songs on his website in June, was charged on suspicion of violating federal copyright laws. “Guns N’ Roses ... Read More »