Service Cuts Make AOL Even More Useless

(NEWSER) – AOL is cutting two more of its website’s offerings, a blog creator and a data hosting service, Peter Kafka notes on Silicon Alley Insider. Users of AOL Journals, which hosts blogs, will be migrated to an equivalent host. Users of AOL Hometown, which mainly store photos—and, Kafka sniffs, is “as anachronistic as a dial-up ISP”—received a stiffer message: ... Read More »

Pay-It-Forward Movement Finds Niche on Web

(NEWSER) – The Internet is home to a small but growing trend that would seem anathema to hard-headed bloggers and pithy posters who regularly lay waste to others online: niceness. In Philadelphia, New York, and elsewhere, theInquirer finds, civic-minded netizens are setting up sites that extol, and even enable, random acts of kindness. “These sites may be in response to ... Read More »

New Rite: Baby Blogging

(NEWSER) – Soon after entering the world, babies are forging online identities compliments of eager parents, theNew York Times reports. “It does feel a little funny to personalize it in his voice,” says a blogging mommy who “friends” other babies on behalf of her son. For many parents, social networking is an easier way than email to keep relatives updated ... Read More »

Blogger Arrested in GN’R Leak

(NEWSER) – FBI agents arrested a blogger suspected of posting songs from the unreleased Guns N’ Roses albumChinese Democracy on his website; the 27-year-old appeared in court yesterday, where bail was set at $10,000. Kevin Cogill, who reportedly admitted to streaming nine songs on his website in June, was charged on suspicion of violating federal copyright laws. “Guns N’ Roses ... Read More »

OMG! Perez Hilton Expands His Unlikely Empire

(NEWSER) – In three short years, Mario Armando Lavandeira—you may know him better as Perez Hilton—has transformed himself from shy recluse to celebrity gossip maven, with his website generating millions in revenue and page views. With TV specials, his own fashion line, a tell-all book due next year, and, soon, a boutique music label, Hilton appears to be just getting ... Read More »

Cancer Patients Bare All in Blogs

(NEWSER) – Cancer patients, once reticent, are increasingly explicit in sharing the details of their ordeals in blogs—and finding it therapeutic. Researchers at Ohio State looked at 50 blogs and found they helped patients cope, the Boston Globe reports. Not only do they make it easier to  keep friends and family current, they make the writer feel more in control. ... Read More »

New Site Lets Microbloggers Post Short Videos

(NEWSER) – Sick of spreading your message by text alone on sites such as Twitter, but not ready to actually talk to your friends face to face? Worry not: a new site, “12 Seconds,” allows you to post video updates from home or on your mobile device, Mashable reports. The only catch? You’ve probably figured it out already: each video ... Read More »

FBI Drops in on GN’R Leaker

(NEWSER) – When Kevin Skwerl leaked nine new tracks from long-awaited Guns N’ Roses album Chinese Democracy last week, he expected some fallout.  A visit from two “Mulder and Scully” types courtesy of the FBI was not quite what he had in mind, reports Rolling Stone.  “It‘s a little creepy they know where I work, “says Skwerl, who posted tracks ... Read More »

Blogger Keeps Quake in Focus

(NEWSER) – A Chinese graphic novelist determined to keep the aftermath of last month’s earthquake on the front burner is using her new blog to get the message out, and fellow citizen journalists on the other side of the world are catching on. “We love you, Coco Wang,” a blogger at New York-based Jezebel writes to the Beijing-based artist. “I ... Read More »

The 7 Types of Blog Posts

(NEWSER) – As vast as the Internet is, every blog post can be summed up into pretty much one of seven basic types, explains Lore Sjoberg in Wired: Be upset! “Terrible things are happening in one of the following: the world, the web, or a TV show you really like.” Buy a thing! Screw mass media, let me post about ... Read More »