Social Media Portal (SMP) interview with SACO Apartments Hollie Swain

Hollie Swain (HS): My name is Hollie Swain and I’m the  online digital marketing executive for SACO The Serviced Apartment Company. I’m responsible for looking after all online and digital activities and making sure everyone has the online support they need to engage with their customers. I am also responsible for growing audiences across all social media platforms, creating email ... Read More »

Rising costs lead to lower-than-expected Yahoo forecast

Yahoo has forecast lower-than-expected revenue for the current quarter as it struggles to revive its core online advertising business and spends more to attract users to its websites. Shares of Yahoo were marginally down at $39.34 in after-market trading. Yahoo has been developing content for its mobile platform to drive user engagement and ad sales as its core online advertising ... Read More »

Apple Shares Fall Hard on Earnings Report

Last week’s tech surge already seems a long time ago. Apple shares are down in late trading after the kids from Cupertino reported profit rose 38%, to $10.7 billion, or $1.85 a share, in the fiscal third-quarter, on sales of $49.6 billion. The bottom line beat consensus comfortably, if not spectacularly. Apple was expected to earn about $1.80 a share, ... Read More »

Does Latest Quarterback Ranking Say More About Tony Romo Or The People Voting?

You know what it’s like. Some things are just impossible to turn away from. The classic example is when there is a car accident and you are driving by. You know that it is tacky and even dangerous to gawk, but there you go, staring at the wreckage as you go by. You gain nothing from it, and might see ... Read More »

Geeking out: empty-nester spending and retirement

  Whew — I haven’t spent much time on retirement and related issues lately, but I’m getting tired of all the social issues, especially from a Serenity Prayer perspective (that is, recognizing that any amount of blogging I do isn’t going to make a difference). Andrew Biggs, of the American Enterprise Institute, writes in Fortune, among other spots, with the perspective ... Read More »

Chris Christie Still Likes Donald Trump, Despite Comments on Immigrants

At a time when many Republicans are racing to distance themselves from Donald J. Trump, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is forging an unusual path: He’s taking pains to emphasize that, although he found Mr. Trump’s comments on illegal immigrants “inappropriate,” the real estate baron is a “friend,” the two are “close” and Mr. Trump is “a good guy.” ... Read More »

Twitter Inc Co-Founder Evan Williams Believes Developers Should Take Center Stage Once More

Co-founder and former CEO of Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR), has announced that he is willing to leave the micro-blog site’s Board of Directors, if the current acting CEO is uncomfortable being surrounded by ex-CEO’s on the board. Speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech he said he’d finally come to realise what Twitter is. “Early on we didn’t know what Twitter was. ... Read More »

Mature Job-Seeker? A Surefire Way To Give Yourself The Competitive Edge!

  Mature job-seekers face special challenges. It is common knowledge that younger employers are likely to hold several negative stereotypes relating to age. Perhaps the most prevalent of these preconceptions is that you lack the necessary technical skills for the job. There is, nevertheless, one surefire way to counteract this presumption. Moreover, it will provide you with two key factors ... Read More »

Twitter Inc (TWTR) Communications Head Leaves, No Reason Given

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s head of communications, Gabriel Stricker, announced his exit on Thursday. His exit suggests the micro-blogging company is planning big changes in its strategies under the guidance of its new acting CEO, Jack Dorsey. Gabriel held important posts Stricker, who has been Twitter’s top communications person since 2012, informed investors about his exit with a tweet without stating the ... Read More »

The Debut of Beme, a Social App That Aims for Authenticity

Casey Neistat isn’t as handsome as in his Facebook profile picture. His daily life isn’t as beautiful as it is on Instagram. And he’s not as clever as his quips make him seem on Twitter. And that’s exactly how Mr. Neistat wants you to see him. This sounds peculiar coming from Mr. Neistat, a short-form video artist and evangelist of ... Read More »