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If you thought travel blogging was all about exotic check-ins and envious Instagram feeds, think again. “With the travel industry experiencing a boom, an increasing number of people are taking to documenting their wanderings online, or giving it a serious thought. But there is a lot more to what seems like a dream job that lets you pursue your passion and get paid for it,” says Divyakshi Gupta, who began her career as a strategic planner with an ad firm, and is now a travel blogger and freelance writer. This Saturday, she will conduct a Travel-Write-Earn workshop organised by Open Bracket, a creative platform that hosts multi-disciplinary workshops.

“Two crucial steps precede monetising a travel blog. Travelling right and making your writing stand out,” shares Gupta. There are also several myths about travel blogging that she hopes to bust at the workshop. Many people, for instance, feel that the first assignment itself is a paid one, but it may take longer than expected before money starts coming in. “At the same time, one should know when to stop working for free. It’s all about treading that thin line between staying true to one’s passion and managing the commercial aspect of it,” Gupta explains.