7 Blogging Ideas For When You’re Stuck, Tired, and Can’t Write a Thing

7 Blogging Ideas For When You’re Stuck, Tired And Can’t Write A Thing

Every year, I greet January with new resolutions. Often, I never end up fulfilling them. But that doesn’t stop me from making new ones every year.

One of the resolutions I made at the start of 2017 – one I thought would be easy to keep – was to write a blog post every week on WordPress.

Easy, right?

But it’s May already and I am way behind schedule.

Not that there isn’t a heap to write about – there’s U.S. politics, the immigration debate, racial justice and healthcare rights. There’s easily enough to have me raring to go every morning. But like I said, I am failing miserably.

What’s the big deal about slacking off from time to time, you ask?

Well, I recently came across a WordPress statistic that says its users produce almost 80.7 million new posts every month. I will admit that made me feel pretty slack!

So a bit of introspection, research and discussion with like-minded bloggers inspired me to come up with this list of ways to motivate yourself to blog when you really don’t feel like it.