9 gadgets to help you improve your productivity levels at work

Productivity Gadgets

Be it at work or any other activity; it can be quite challenging to keep your focus zeroed in on a single process. And more so at work, given the monotony, it brings along. Though it is challenging, it is not highly impractical to improve work productivity either.

Irrespective of the industry you are in, productivity is probably the most sought after goal for everyone. There are always lists that we make for tasks to finish, alerts in our phones and computers, constant email alerts to check, progress update trackers and much more that we use for keeping track of our productivity. But how do we actually maintain that much-needed focus consistently on our work?

Here are a few gadgets that can help you improve your productivity levels at work.

Productivity Gadgets For Work

1. Variable Balans Ergonomic Desk chair:

Ergonomic Desk Chair

More often than not, our physical problems are connected to the fact that we are continually sitting to work. The ergonomic desk chair from Variable Balans is designed in such a way that it allows your body to flow naturally giving you the rhythm like that of a rocking chair. You can now sit and stretch the way you want without breaking your back and have a better focus without worrying about back pains or stretches.

2. Deskview lightweight standing desk:

Lightweight Standing Desk

Are you bored of sitting in the same position looking at the monitor? The lightweight standing desk from Deskview provides you with a desk that can be affixed to any place and can hold a laptop atop it. You can take it with you anywhere and use it anywhere to work. You can now travel and work as you please without worrying about finding a place to sit. You can also change the fact that you are continually sitting and enjoy working as you stand, enjoying the view of the outside world.

3. Luxafor LED status light productivity tool:

Lightweight Standing Desk

Are you constantly annoyed by people who want to know if you are available or not? Now they can gauge your availability by looking at this monitor mounted LED status light. The light further ensures that there are minimal interruptions as you work providing you with the best environment for highly productive output.

4. Fidget cube – A Vinyl desk toy:

Fidget Cube Desk Toy

No, it is not a toy to keep you away from work, but it is instead a toy that will keep you glued onto your desk and help you find the focus. You can now stop clicking the pens or the clips and instead use this cube that will give you an activity to keep your restless hands at bay. You can now follow your mind on track while you focus on your actions.

5. Flat panel monitor riser with 3 draws:

Flat Panel Monitor

Among the many things that distract us while working is the clutter on our desks, the paper clips, the pens, post-its and much more on the office can make it quite distracting. Also if you are looking for specific stationery, finding it more relaxed will help you save time. This monitor riser gives you the necessary height while also offering you storage right below the monitor for your essentials. No more hunching forward or searching for small bits.

6. Window mounted solar charger:

Ever been in a situation where you need to attend a work call, and your phone is about to die of battery with no power points nearby? It will end up increasing your anxiety and have an impact on your productivity. The window mounted solar charger can be fixed anywhere where there is sun and plugged into your phone to get it charged up in no time.

7. Bose noise canceling headphones:

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

When we are trying to focus on our work, any external noise can prove to be quite interfering. Using these headphones, whether you want to listen to music or not, will ensure that there are no external noise interferences as you focus on the workat hand. Solitude amid chaos is guaranteed with this gadget.

8. Fibonacci clock:

Fibonacci Clock

There are times when we need an intelligent distraction to get our minds back on track for the work at hand. And that is precisely what this clock is about. Designed intelligently with the famous Fibonacci sequence, you need to solve the puzzle as you look at it to know the right time. A distraction that will put your brain to work instantly.

9. Productivity exercise bike:

Productivity Exercise Bike

You can now stay fit and also work, meaning no compromise on productivity or your health, thanks to the productivity exercise bike. This is probably what we call as the perfect work-life balance.

There are many more gadgets that guarantee to help you maintain an unrelenting focus on your work. Of course, the best productivity is when you can train your brain to stay focused.