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9 gadgets to help you improve your productivity levels at work

Be it at work or any other activity; it can be quite challenging to keep your focus zeroed in on a single process. And more so at work, given the monotony, it brings along. Though it is challenging, it is not highly impractical to improve work productivity either. Irrespective of the industry you are in, productivity is probably the most sought after ... Read More »

This new HIV therapy could boost immunity levels in patients

Turns out, a new HIV drug can reduce the viral replication and increase immune cells in individuals with advanced, drug-resistant HIV infection. Used in combination with existing HIV medications, the drug is a promising strategy for patients who have run out of effective treatment options, the researchers at Yale University said. For some individuals with HIV, existing drug therapies fail ... Read More »

Another Reason To Control Your Blood Pressure Levels: Keeps Dementia Away

For the first time in history, researchers have found medicine that can reduce the risk of memory loss and dementia in your golden years. Even better, most forms of the treatment are available in safe, inexpensive generic formulations.The twist? These drugs have been around for decades, since they’re widely used to lower blood pressure and ward off heart disease. As ... Read More »

Men who have a difficult childhood have lower levels of male sex hormones

Men who grew up in challenging conditions like prevalence of infectious diseases or poor nutrition may have lower levels of testosterone — male sex hormone — in later life, says a study. The findings suggest that the differences may be linked to energy investment. For instance, in environments where people are more exposed to disease or poor nutrition, developing males ... Read More »

Even low levels of manganese can cause manganism: Study

IANS | Updated: Dec 30, 2016, 01.56 PM IST Even low levels of manganese can cause manganism: Study (John Lund/Getty Images) Welders exposed to airborne manganese at estimated levels set under federal safety standards can also develop neurological problems like Parkinson’s disease and the current safety standards may not adequately protect workers from the dangers of the job, a new ... Read More »

Dental Fillings Raise Mercury Levels In Body: Study

U.S. Presidents Ranked from First to Worst (InsideGov — By Graphiq) EMAIL PRINT COMMENTS Dental Fillings Raise Mercury Levels In Body: Study Photo for representational purpose only. People with more than eight dental fillings may have 150 per cent more mercury in their blood, increasing the risk of brain, heart and kidney damage, a new study has found. Dental surface ... Read More »

Mother’s High Vitamin B Levels May Cut Eczema Risk In Babies

Infants whose mothers had a higher level of a particular type of vitamin B during pregnancy may be at a lower risk of developing eczema — inflammation of the skin — researchers have found. The study, from the University of Southampton in Britain, is the first to link maternal serum levels of nicotinamide — a naturally occurring form of vitamin ... Read More »