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NASA Administrator Pays Tribute to Senior Advisor Mark Geyer

The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Bill Nelson on the passing of Mark Geyer, senior advisor to associate administrator Bob Cabana, and former center director at the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston: “Today, we mourn the loss of a giant for human spaceflight and a beloved member of the NASA family: former Johnson Space Center Director Mark ... Read More »

NASA Postpones Sounding Rocket Launch Until June 11

HIGHLIGHTS Rocket’s scheduled launch for Sunday from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility The rocket will eject 10 canisters about the size of a soft drink The June 4 attempt was the fourth for this mission NASA has postponed until June 11 the launch of a sounding rocket which will release blue-green and red artificial clouds. The rocket’s scheduled launch for Sunday ... Read More »

Nasa, USAID Launch Environmental Information Hub

Nasa and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) have launched a joint project to strengthen regional environmental monitoring in five countries in the lower Mekong region of Southeast Asia. Called SERVIR-Mekong, the project is housed at the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center in Bangkok, Thailand. It joins a growing global community of scientists and decision-makers using publicly available data from ... Read More »

Nasa Says Grow Plants If You Want to Curb Urban Heat

The presence of vegetation in urban areas – along the roads, in the parks and in your neighbourhood – can limit city heat effect to a great extent, says a Nasa study. Using multiple satellites’ observations, researchers found that areas in the US covered in part by concrete surfaces had a summer temperature 1.9 degrees Celsius higher than surrounding rural ... Read More »

Nasa’s Dawn Probe Sends Back Stunning Images of Dwarf Planet Ceres

Nasa’s Dawn spacecraft has delivered the closest-yet views of the dwarf planet called Ceres that show the small world’s features in unprecedented detail. The new images show Ceres’ tall, conical mountain, crater formation features and narrow, braided fractures. “Dawn’s view is now three times as sharp as in its previous mapping orbit, revealing exciting new details of this intriguing dwarf ... Read More »

Nasa Wants to Turn Human Waste Into Food

The US space agency has funded researchers to find out how to recycle human excreta into food that can help astronauts sustain on deeper space missions, including Mars. The researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina will receive $200,000 (roughly Rs. 1.4 crores) a year for up to three years to achieve this task, the US space agency said in ... Read More »

Nasa Begins Satellite Project to Improve Hurricane Forecasting

Nasa engineers have started working on the first of eight micro-satellites under the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) project. The system, being built at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, will improve hurricane forecasting by making measurements of ocean surface winds in and near the eye wall of tropical cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes throughout their life cycle. ... Read More »

Nasa’s Odyssey Spacecraft to Complete 60,000 Orbits Around Mars on Tuesday

Nasa’s Mars Odyssey spacecraft will reach a major milestone on June 23, when it completes its 60,000th orbit since arriving at the Red Planet in 2001.Odyssey began orbiting Mars almost 14 years ago, on October 23, 2001. Named after the best-selling novel “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Arthur C. Clarke, Odyssey on December 15, 2010, became the longest-operating spacecraft ever ... Read More »

Nasa Joins North Sea Oil Cleanup Training Exercise

Nasa for the first time participated in Norway’s annual oil spill cleanup exercise in the North Sea from June 8 to 11.Scientists flew a specialised Nasa airborne instrument called the Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar (UAVSAR) on Nasa’s C-20A piloted research aircraft to monitor a controlled release of oil into the sea, testing the radar’s ability to distinguish between ... Read More »