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California AG Saves Non-Profit Daughters of Charity Health System Hospital Chain By Putting It Under New Management

A deal for new management at the Daughters of Charity Health System has been approved by California Attorney General Kamala Harris, following the collapse of another potential deal for the hospital earlier this year. The decision will allow BlueMountain Capital Management to operate the hospitals, of which there are six and also gain the right to purchase the chain. To ... Read More »

Slow Walking In Seniors May Indicate Alzheimer’s Risks

  The speed of how older adults walk may be an indicative of an Alzheimer’s (AD) risk, a new study found. This may provide a reliable hint of how well their brain is aging. Researchers led by Dr. Natalia del Campo of the Gerontopole and the Centre of Excellence in Neurodegeneration of Toulouse, in France, found that the pace of ... Read More »

Midostaurin In AML Improves Survival In Newly Diagnosed AML Patients

Novartis announced on Sunday, Dec. 6 that its Phase III RATIFY study for an acute myeloid leukemia (AML) drug called Midostaurin, showed promise in patients’ survival rates. FLT3 is a typical genetic mutation that occurs in patients with AML. Due to poor clinical outcomes, it is critical for new treatments to be developed. Midostaurin or PKC412 is an experimental compound ... Read More »

Health Officials See Increase In Rare Rabbit Fever Tularemia In Humans

Health officials report that cases of a rare rabbit fever, Tularemia, in humans has significantly increased in 2015. In the last 20 years, there was only an average of 125 cases reported every year in the United States, but from January to September, a total of 100 cases were recorded in several states, including Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming, ... Read More »

New Study Confirms Romantic Relationship Can Indeed Change You

When friends say that you have changed since you entered a new relationship, they are probably right. According to a new study, adolescents become less like their friends and more like their partners after they entered a romantic relationship. Researchers at the Florida Atlantic University wanted to test the hypothesis that adolescents will become more like their new partner than ... Read More »

SCN8A Gene Mutation Role In Epilepsy Unveils Clues To Better Seizure Therapies

In the latest concluded American Epilepsy Society’s (AES) 69th Annual Meeting, three studies highlight how the mutation in SCN8A gene, which is widely known as the underlying cause of early infantile epileptic encephalopathy (EIEE) and other neurological problems, affect the brain and its functions. Early infantile epileptic encephalopathy (EIEE) is a heterogeneous group of epilepsy syndromes associated with severe cognitive ... Read More »

Texting Sets Off New Type Of Brain Wave

Scientists from the Mayo Clinic and the Rush University Medical Center have uncovered a new waveform type associated with the use of smartphones, which could provide clues as to how the device is able to alter the functions of the nervous system in people. In a study presented during the 69th annual conference of the American Epilepsy Society (AES), Dr. ... Read More »

New Method May Help Immune System Fight African Sleeping Sickness

The African sleeping sickness is one of the several infectious diseases that are hard to treat due to their capacity to bypass the immune system. Caused by the parasite Trypanosoma brucei, the African sleeping sickness is transmitted via the bites of the tsetse flies. It can attack the host’s main organs, including the brain, the disease can disrupt sleeping patterns, ... Read More »

Taurine-Like Chemical Clears Alzheimer’s Plaque In Mice

A ground-breaking study showed amyloid clumps in the brain can be dissolved using a water-soluble chemical called 4-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1-piperazinepropanesulphonic acid (EPPS). Amyloid buildups are Alzheimer’s first and foremost trademark. Once broken down, dissolved clumps can be easily cleared. The encouraging results pave the way for future treatment of a currently incurable disease. The study provides the medical community a potential pre-diagnosis ... Read More »

Game Changing Syringe That Plugs Bullet Wounds In 20 Seconds Gets FDA Approval For Civilian Use

A revolutionary sponge-sealing syringe that can plug a bullet wound in 20 seconds just received the green light from the FDA, which means that it’s now good for civilian use. As one can imagine, gunshot wounds are not an easy thing to treat and the seconds after the shot can seem like an eternity. Called the XSTAT Rapid Hemostasis System, ... Read More »