United Nations special rapporteur Kishore Singh articulates about privatisation of education


Another cannon shot directed and fired at the privatisation of education has made United Nations special rapporteur, Kishore Singh, infamous among the supporters of privatisation in education. With the submission of his first report in September 2014 to the UN General Assembly, this time he had submitted his report to United Nations Human Rights Council cautioning states against leaving education in the hands of private players.

The current issue of the report deals with issues pertaining to “protecting the right to education against commercialisation” and surveys the effect of privatisation on human right.

Low-fee or budget private schools had been majorly targeted in the report. Firstly, majority of this school are unregistered. Secondly, these institutes are a glaring example of commercialization of education.

Kishore Singh quoted, “Prohibitory regulations are necessary to outlaw and stop discriminatory practices, for-profit education and false commercial propaganda” and “punitive measure are necessary to ensure compliance.”

The United Nations special rapporteur, gives recommendation to the states to have an anxious that does not concentrate just on the instructive establishments additionally on structures that help with making them commercially suitable. He also urges power authorities, guardian educator affiliations, civil society bunches and instructors unions to nearly monitor exposure and false claims that promote private players in education.

Singh urges states to demand more noteworthy straightforwardness in light of a legitimate concern for which data regarding school, functioning, performance and administration” is imparted to parents, educators and group affiliations. He even incorporates a passage worth of get up and go talk for governments to be strong in managing private administrators notwithstanding corporate campaigning.