These dental mistakes can harm your teeth

These dental mistakes can harm your teeth
Our teeth can give us much joy or grief, depending on the way we treat them.

Maintaining regular dental hygiene will not only ensure that your pearly whites are among your best features, but will also save you painful and costly trips to the dentist. In spite of knowing what an important role teeth play , a large number of people continue to make these common mistakes. The problem is that we often commit these mistakes without even realising that we’re making them.The following are some of the most common dental mistakes people make… Don’t use your teeth to tear open a packet of chips. This puts unnecessary pressure on your teeth and over time will cause them to become loose. Use your fingers or a scissor instead. Are you guilty of chewing on your pens and pencils while using them? This innocuous habit will erode your tooth enamel after a period of time, leading to a number of dental problems. So, the next time you find yourself reaching out for that pen, make it a habit not to put it in your mouth! If you’re lucky enough to have little or no dental issues, don’t take it for granted that you don’t need to visit the dentist. Annual trips to the dentist will ensure that problems, if any, will get discovered and treated before they become worse. Also, regular cleaning and scaling sessions will ensure that you keep cavities at bay .

– Very often, a seemingly harmless habit like nibbling on ice cubes is enough to cause damage to your teeth. Not only do you increase your chances of catching a cold, but you also risk chipping your tooth in the process. Eating ice regularly affects the delicate soft tissues present in your mouth, making the nerves so sensitive that eating certain foods will cause severe discomfort.

– Another habit that many people have is grinding their teeth in their sleep. There could be several reasons for this or even some underlying medical issues. People who grind their teeth often need to wear a mouth guard at night. This will protect teeth because constant gnashing can cause tooth enamel to erode.If you’re adventurous enough to think of getting a tongue piercing done, remember that while it may look cool to you, it also poses certain dangers. Apart from causing an infection in your mouth, it can also cause your tooth to crack if you eat in an incorrect manner.

– Those with a sweet tooth need to remember that all that extra candy can lead to cavities if you don’t brush your teeth carefully.In fact, flossing is equally important -the sticky residue that candy tends to leave behind can cause a number of dental problems.

– Do you brush your teeth correctly? And do you brush for long enough? Brush for at least two minutes and give each corner of your month about 30 seconds. Your brushing technique should comprise wide, circular strokes just along your gums. When you don’t brush properly , the accumulated plaque will cause a lot of damage.

– It is also important to change your toothbrush every two to three months. After some time, bristles tend to go soft and out of shape, which means that the toothbrush won’t clean your teeth as effectively as it is supposed to.And always wipe your toothbrush dry once you’re done. Bacteria thrives in moist conditions so leaving it wet is simply inviting trouble.

– While using toothpicks now and then is alright, using one after every meal is a strict no-no. Toothpicks can break if used too vigorously and cause damage to your gums.