The 7 Types of Blog Posts

Republican blogger Michael Brodkorb.

(NEWSER) – As vast as the Internet is, every blog post can be summed up into pretty much one of seven basic types, explains Lore Sjoberg in Wired:

  • Be upset! “Terrible things are happening in one of the following: the world, the web, or a TV show you really like.”
  • Buy a thing! Screw mass media, let me post about the crappy gadget I must have and let’s “shove advertising down each other’s throats.”
  • Animals are cute! Though beware: “animals also includes babies and children younger than 8.”
  • People are dumb! “We like our animals to appear smarter than they really are and our humans dumber.”
  • Something I like, only different! “The Lord of the Rings—if Frodo was a ninja!”
  • Weird science! Generally meaning “homemade experiments involving explosives.”
  • Me, the blogger! “Why discuss your hopes and fears when you can just post the results of online tests, show cartoon versions of yourself, and collect “friends”?”
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