New Food Blogs Take Devotion to a New Level

Beef Burgundy is a classic French stew that gets flavor from a combination of beef, onions and wine.

(NEWSER) – Food blogs are usually simple things, fun and easy to create, writes Lee Gomes in the Wall Street Journal. And then there are the increasingly popular “cook-through” blogs, in which devoted chefs of all skill levels pick a book, say the French Laundry Cookbook or the Gourmet Cookbook, and make every single recipe.

Cook-through bloggers, often overachievers in their “real” careers, treat their cookbooks of choice with deference and devote both time and money—ingredients for the 1,300 recipes in the Gourmet book, for example, will cost up to $40,000. “The necessary ingredient: You need to be a little crazy,” Gomes notes.