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What the general election will mean for education

Conservatives are likely to seek a mandate to create new grammar schools. But heads fear that education issues will be overlooked amid the furore over Brexit during the general election campaign. Education issues are likely to be overshadowed by Brexit in the coming general election campaign, headteachers have warned. Theresa May this morning called a snap election for 8 June, citing the ... Read More »

ACA Repeal Would Mean Massive Cuts To Public Health, Leaving Cities And States At Risk

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed a little over six years ago, it brought with it the promise of health insurance for all Americans. It also sought to begin to shift the paradigm for health care in this country, emphasizing value over volume, and recognizing the importance of prevention coupled with appropriate access to care. By now, it ... Read More »

For homebuilders, new regulations mean no new starter homes

because the Pacific waves crash beneath, the frames of luxury homes rise above — in what is beingreferred to as the remaining seaside development in Southern California. Sea Summit in San Clemente issubsequently open, selling million-dollar houses in a neighborhood housing marketplace that maycome up with the money for the lofty price tag. Arizona-based totally Taylor Morrison and its monetary ... Read More »

What negative rates mean for average investors

Despite the Federal Reserve raising its overnight rate in December, an increasing number of people are now calling for the Fed Fund rate to go negative. The chatter around negative rates has become so loud that Janet Yellen addressed the issue on Wednesday saying that while there may be legal issues with lowering rates below zero, the central bank can ... Read More »