Pranav Mistry of Samsung explains how technology will keep changing with time

Pranav Mistry of Samsung, one of the speakers at the 44th IAA World Congress Kochi, opened his session on how he had been enjoying his days in Kochi — the sea and the food.

Talking on the future of mobiles and wearable information technology, Mistry, Head, Think Tank Team and Global Vice-President, Research, Samsung, spoke about his role at the company and how he gets to design and create “What’s Next”.

“Mobile phones have taken centre-stage for everything that we do today,” he said.

When do you think tablets were invented? “Tablets is a concept going on for years and can be dated as ancient as 5500 BCE,” he said.

It is the same even now, as tablets do exist. It’s just that the mediums are changing, technology is changing.

Times have been changing. Unlike radio and television, technology is becoming more interactive.

“With the conversion from radio to television, to computers and to phones, we are now ready for something new in the future,” Mistry pointed out.

He explained how information was going to be the only stable factor. And how mediums will evolve and technology will keep changing.

“It is an exciting time as the urge of information will remain the same, but there will be an upgrade in technology in such a manner that it helps us shape tomorrow. In this new era, we need new types of cameras, new kinds of technology, new kind of softwares,” he suggested.

The industry cannot and is not lagging behind, and is catching up with the evolved technology. “All that is happening on our phone over Google, can happen in the real world and what I am showing you will very soon be reality. The day is not far,” said Mistry.

He explained how there is reality; there also exists a virtual reality. “Virtual reality excites us as a philosopher, as a designer and as a human being,” he said.

There are two sides of every coin. There are pros and cons to every situation. There is a positive effect and negative effect for everything that takes place.

Similarly, there’s a negative effective of the evolving technology as well. Overload of information on technology can create a nuisance.

“We, creators and promoters, have to be responsible and ethical in a way that technology and content doesn’t become a problem for the users,” he ended..