Our 5 Key Takeaways from Forrester’s TEI Study of AIOps from Broadcom

AIOps Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

In today’s digital-first environment, the applications and services that IT organizations support are critical to business viability and success. Many organizations are adopting modern infrastructure to better serve their customers and employees. Yet, legacy environments are still an integral and steadfast part of most mature IT landscapes. Add to that software-defined everything and it can be quite difficult and complex to manage these disparate environments and their myriad tools. AIOps can help IT Operations and SREs more efficiently manage even the most complex application infrastructures, reducing toil and enabling them to focus on higher value activities.

Many organizations understand intuitively that AIOps can help organizations operate more efficiently while improving user experience, but also want to understand the true positive impact it can have. We recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study sharing their findings from analysis of customer usage of AIOps in a new Total Economic Impact Study (TEI) of AIOps from Broadcom. The study explores the cost savings and business benefits enabled through AIOps from Broadcom.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • Organizations benefit in significant ways: An 89% ROI was shown, with $2.54M NPV for the investment and payback in less than a year. Additional benefits were observed but not quantified including outage avoidance, which can be significant.
  • AIOps from Broadcom increased the effectiveness of IT professionals: collaboration was enabled through integration across the various tools used by IT operations. The ITOM team was able to handle four times the scope of work after adopting the solution.
  • Toil was reduced through automation: the high level of intelligent automation eliminated between 60-90% of manual processes. This meant staff was not as burdened with low-value, mundane tasks.
  • Uptime and performance was improved: due to increased visibility and the application of AI and ML, root cause determination was faster and remediation was quicker. This lead to improved customer experience.
  • Finger-pointing was reduced through increased confidence in full-stack observability: common views were shared across app, infra and network teams with real-time correlation which helped to eliminate the blame game.

Access the full TEI study to get the complete analysis of benefits and read about the adoption journey of the interviewed organization. Hear the voice of the customer through actual quotes.

Join us for a webcast on February 18th where guest speakers Rich Lane, Sr. Analyst, Forrester Research and Mark Lauritano, Consultant, Forrester Consulting will discuss findings from this TEI study. Register now.

AIOps from Broadcom combines a new level of full stack observability and advanced analytics with automation, helping solve complex IT problems before they impact customer experience.