Low blood sugar risks your heart

Low blood sugar risks your heart
A recent study has suggested a potential connection between low blood sugar and cardiovascular problems.

In the Temple University Health System study, researchers examined the effects of hypoglycemia on cardiovascular autonomic control – one system that influences the heart’s function. They found that in their experimental model of hypoglycemia, there was a clear change in the body’s responses to cardiovascular stress.

These findings suggest a specific way as to how the cardiovascular system is compromised during episodes of hypoglycemia, says first author Ajay D. Rao.

Hypoglycemia occurs when the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood is too low. Hypoglycemia occurs most often in diabetics who must inject insulin periodically to lower their blood sugar. It also may occur in patients taking pills for diabetes that cause the body to make more insulin.

During the study, healthy volunteers were exposed to experimental hypoglycemia. The volunteers were subjected to specialized testing of the cardiovascular system before and at the end of the experimental hypoglycemia period. Scientists were able to show that during hypoglycemia, there was a clear derangement in the body’s response.