Keeping Up Appearances on the Business Front

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 It doesn’t matter what type of business you own. You can have a beauty salon, auto repair shop, or a clothing store. The one thing every business has in common is that you need to keep up appearances with your customers in order to attract new ones while keeping the current clientele. This is done with three simple items; cleanliness, friendly service, and routine correspondence.


Your business may be dirty by nature such as in a mechanics repair shop, but you still need to keep the front reception area clean. This is where customers make their first impression of your business. Other types of business like retail shops need to keep the entire place spotless. Always take the time to sweep and routinely mop the floors. Clean glass doors and windows daily. Dust all shelves and countertops with the appropriate clothe. Industrial wiping rags can be purchased through online sites such as Reclaimed Textiles Co.

Friendly Service

Train your staff to understand the importance of something as simple as a smile when saying “hello” to a customer. Even when things are hectic, make sure that you and your employees take a few minutes to truly listen to what your clients are saying. Most people are willing to wait a few minutes for your help as long as they have felt acknowledge. Make eye contact, and be sincere. Once they have been waited on, be sure to thank them for their patronage and invite them to come back again.


Be sure to ask customers for their address or email so that you can keep in touch. No one wants to be slammed with advertising materials and junk mail, but a thank you note or bounce back offer is always appreciated. Send a card or email showing your appreciation for choosing your business, and add in a coupon that they can use on their next visit.

Now that you know the basics when it comes to treating your clients with friendly service and following up with your correspondence as well as maintaining a clean work area, you should be on the right track to impressing customers. These few simple steps will ensure you have a successful business in the eyes of others.