Governor Naik warns over ‘delayed’ sessions in Uttar Pradesh varsities

UP Governor Ram NaikToday, the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Ram Naik expressed serious concern over “irregular” academic sessions in universities in the state and warned that he would not “attend” convocations at such institutions.

Naik said that in most of the universities in the state, examinations were not being held on time due to which students have to suffer as they receive their degrees and mark sheets late. He spoke after addressing a symposium on Swami Vivekanand at a school.

He warned that he would not attend convocations at such institutions where the norms were “not adhered to”. The Governor also exhorted all state universities to ensure that elections of student unions were “also held as per schedule”.

On being asked about the scandal of large scale fake marksheets in the state, the Governor dodged the question. Earlier, Naik, addressing the symposium, said that he failed to understand the ongoing trend in different universities in the country in which students were being liberally awarded “higher than 90 percent” marks.

During his student days “one who obtained just about 60 per cent marks would frequently top the class”, he said. This practice of liberally awarding high marks to examinees was proving to be a bane for maintaining high educational standards, the Governor added.