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Want to awkwardly tramp around a city ramming into buildings and breathing lasers? Look no further. This latest Godzilla outing, is another chance to be a big thing crushing small things. The gameplay is fun, though having the L1 and R1 buttons for slow, cumbersome turning is maybe a bit too realistic for a gargantuan beast. Play as different Kaiju, in different scenarios (though generally either to destroy buildings/destroy other Kaiju) and online against others. The game feels a bit restrictive, without the narrative to keep you involved but, in the end, you’re buying it to destroy stuff.

James Tennent

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour


PS4, Xbox One (£44.99)

The first EA Sports golf game to hit next-gen brings a new sharpness to the screen as well as a new name on the front cover. Gone is Tiger Woods, and in comes the current world No 1 McIlroy. You’ll be encouraged to go through an in-depth tutorial, and whereas expert golf gamers will want to get straight to the action, we recommend you give it a run through to find your level of difficulty. The one problem, like most golf games, is getting used to it. It’s just as rewarding and frustrating as being on the course itself.

Jack De Menezes

MotoGP 15


PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One (£49.99)

These “yearly games” are a hard sell: developers have to prove the latest edition is worth forking out £40 on what can essentially be the same game. MotoGP 15 is, unfortunately, almost exactly the same as 14. The graphics are a little better – still dated – and the AI minimally improved. It’s still a decent racer, realistic and fun for the most part, but there’s no personality here. Of course what you are getting is the MotoGP licence, however, if you’re not already thoroughly into racing, there’s little new here for you.


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