FIFA 16: 18 Leaked Real Madrid Player Ratings

Andres Kudacki/AP

Scouring through the FIFA player ratings is a growing tradition. There’s nothing better than ripping off the plastic covering, opening the box for the first time, and spending the first quality moments poring through every team looking for the five star skill players, and teams you want to master in the quest to crush your friends.

Which five star match-ups are you going to be involved in? Which lower league teams look like great prospects? Where have your virtual favourites moved to in the real world? It’s usually an hour before you even get to think about starting an actual game, such is the growing excitement around the ratings.

Real Madrid are one of the top teams in both the real and virtual worlds. Cristiano Ronaldo spearheads the current crop filled with immense talents, all ideal to tear teams to shreds of FIFA 16, and after a recent gaming event in Madrid, an alpha version of the game has seen the Real player ratings leaked.

These are the earliest drafts of the ratings, and could be subject to change before the release date, but for now, here’s what you can expect from 18 of your Real Madrid stars, from lowest to highest.


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