BitTorrent Shoot App Lets You Easily Share Files Using QR Codes

BitTorrent has introduced a new app that lets you easily share files such as images or large videos with other mobile devices via QR code scanning. The Shoot app by BitTorrent is now available to download via Google Play, App Store, and Windows Phone store.With the Shoot app, users will get their first three sends free. An in-app purchase is however required to enable unlimited sending. The app listing clarifies users can receive items for free.

“Shoot is powered by BitTorrent Sync’s peer-to-peer technology, so large items are no problem. Files move directly between people without going through the cloud and your data remains completely private,” notes the app listing.

Users can send large photos or videos via Shoot by simply selecting images and videos stored on the device from the app and tapping ‘Send’ button. A QR code will be generated which can allow the content to be shared between mobile devices.

Erik Pounds, BitTorrent Sync’s VP of product management talking about the new Shoot app told Venture Beat, “If you’ve ever experienced a situation where you’re on iOS and a friend next to you has an Android phone, sending something like a big batch of photos or a long video is a challenge. We based the use case around spontaneity: You could be at a concert with friends, recording a video; on vacation with your family, taking tens/hundreds of pictures; maybe at a birthday dinner, capturing a group serenade.”

Notably, this is the first time where BitTorrent is offering a mobile app with in-app purchases.

It will be interesting to see how BitTorrent’s Shoot app does in a market where there are popular Wi-Fi direct share apps such as SuperBeam, which offers free content sending and receiving feature.