9 Apps to Help You Manage Your Business on the Go


Apps to Manage Your Business Wherever You Go

In a generation where everything is on the go and time is very highly regarded, it would not be bad at all to run and grow your business while you are mobile. We have rounded up nine apps to help you manage your businesses from your devices as effectively as if you are tied in your office so you have more time and flexibility to pursue other endeavors and make more impact to our community. 

#1: Square Register

Square Register keeps track of your sales and inventory with its features which allow you to record different forms of tender; apply discounts and issue refunds; access real-time sales data, complete sales history and get business insights from Square Analytics, all from your phone.

With a Square Reader or Square Stand, you can even swipe or key in all major credit cards to process payments. It also connects to receipt printers, kitchen ticket printers, bar code scanners and cash drawers.

#2: KPI Alerts

This app is a must-have tool to monitor the metrics that matter to your businesses. It delivers the KPIs, trends and alerts that you depend on the most regardless of your location to help you grow your business. With access to portable and easy-to-understand views of data the matters to you, you manage your risk by taking action on little issues before they become big problems and increase your revenue by catching opportunities before they slip away.

KPI Alerts sends your business reports filled with context so anyone who value having the knowledge of what is happening in their business right now and wherever they are will appreciate this tool.