6 Tips That Will Improve Your App Store Optimization (ASO)


6 Tips That Will Improve Your App Store Optimization

With millions of apps available in app stores across operating systems and mobile devices, App Store Optimization or ASO is imperative for improving the visibility of an app and increase downloads. By effectively and periodically monitoring ASO, app developers and marketers are sure to experience a boost in the app listing and in the total number of downloads. As more and more people download an app, it leads to greater app engagement and better app ratings and reviews, which in turn impacts the ASO in the long run. Listed below are some useful tips that will help improve your ASO:

1. Develop a Great Icon

The app world is inundated with apps, and standing out in the crowd the first step towards success. With so many apps to choose from, users are often spoilt for choice and what makes them take an easy decision is an app which boasts of a great icon. Having an attractive and eye-catching icon makes an app appear valuable and worthy of download. Choose one visual element that describes your app best and that will have a strong impact on users. Make sure you design a high quality icon and make sure to deploy the same icon platforms. By doing this, users can easily find the app in any app store in seconds. And don’t forget to be creative. Develop an icon that is distinctive, one that attracts attention and catches the eye.


2. Have an Attractive Name

Picking an appropriate name for your app is crucial for ASO. As app store searches are one of the most common ways of searching for apps, having a name that is interesting and attractive is sure to grab attention. Concentrate on the first few characters of your name and prioritize based on impact. Make sure your app name is not already taken and avoid having similar sounding names, as this might confuse the user and you may lose a customer to a rival app. Also, be certain to include relevant keywords in the title of your app that helps people easily find your app in any app store. Finally, avoid using special characters in the app name and keep it easy to type and remember.

3. Choose the Perfect Category

With so many apps available across app stores today, categories help users in finding the perfect app that fits their need. Choosing the perfect category for your app makes it easier for users to spot your app, thus increasing the probability of download. While selecting a category, cherry-pick the one which has least competition. By placing your app in a category with low app worth, you have a higher likelihood of success.

4. Describe, Describe, Describe

A genuine description of your app is one of your best chances at improving ASO. Concentrate on the first few sentences of your app description. Make sure they generate interest and describe your app in the best possible way. Be direct and use crisp sentences in order to prioritize your description space. Make sure to add a good list of the app features and what your users can achieve by downloading the app. Also add a para or two about who you are as an app manufacturer and what you intend to achieve by this app. If you have other successful apps running in app stores, make sure to mention that in order to increase your credibility.

5. Publish Reviews and Ratings

Positive reviews about your app have a great role to play in attracting prospective users. In this fast paced world where people are usually pressed for time, they tend to skip detailed analysis and look out for apps that have high rating and positive reviews.  Word of mouth is crucial for the success of an app. So make sure your app offers users a delightful experience and make them write reviews for your app by sending push notifications. However, be sure to not annoy the customer and get them to provide feedback at their convenience.

6. Continually Analyze and Test

Once you’ve performed all the above tasks, it’s time to test your app and analyze its performance across operating systems, mobile devices and resolutions. While most of the activities may seem perfect in theory, the true potential of an app is revealed when it is tested and actually used. Search for your app on the app store, verify all the details, download the app and check its functionality and see if everything is as per expectation.

Launching an app is one of the easiest steps; what’s challenging is to sustain it in the app store and ensure users have a positive and gratifying experience that results in the growth of the app. ASO, if properly done, can make or break your app. Hence embracing the right ASO strategies is crucial for app developers in this competitive world of apps.