5 Tips To Outsource Mobile App Development Effectively

Tips To Outsource Mobile App Development Effectively

Coming up with an outstanding app idea is only half the battle, you have to find the right app development company to bring it to life. What are the major things you should keep in mind when you decide to go for outsourcing app development? Don’t know, we have mentioned top 5 things below:

Check Portfolio And Previous Client Feedback

Every reliable app development company showcases their portfolio with previous client feedback proudly. So you must research on their past work before getting in touch with the company in order to have a good sense of the technologies they have worked on, the problems they have solved or the complexity or simplicity of apps they have built.

Previous Client Feedback

Additionally, you should also consider getting in touch with some clients mentioned on their site for genuine feedback about the quality of their product that has been developed.

White label Solution

It is very to identify whether the outsource app company you are considering is providing you with a white label solution, depending on your requirements. For example, you need a app for your internal company use, then the development company already has an off-the-shelf application, which meets all your business requirements. But, if you have a great idea about app, you need to go for a company who holds expertise in developing custom apps.

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White label Solution

Develop A Money Making App

If your main aim is to generate income with your app, then opt for a company that knows exactly how to build in features that will let you to make money through your app. Also, you could choose a pay-per-download revenue model, and charging, for example, 99% and $6.99, depending on how many features your app provides.

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Develop A Money Making App

If you go for a free app, then be sure the company is experienced in how to incorporate mobile display ads, paid subscription or in-app purchases services.

The Time-Line Breakdowns Are Key

Bear in mind that your app project will only gain complete clarity when the outsourcing company provides you a detailed and elaborated timeline breakdown.


The Time-Line Breakdowns Are Key

If the app development team of the company isn’t online when you’re doing business, then you’ll find yourself waiting a whole day for issues to be resolved. Such delays can push back your project timelines, so adjust your schedule to minimize delays.

Execute Functional Tests In The User’s Environment

If you want to make sure that your app works well, then your testing procedures must intimately mimic the scenarios experienced by your potential users. But, if the development team needs to hard-code or arouse various use cases, then you may run into troubles.


Execute Functional Tests

Consider an app dependent on GPS (Global Positioning System) data that’s ever been tested in the locations it’s planned and designed for since all your testers are working in another place or country. So, many different tools, for example, emulators and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) can be used can be used to negate these issues when your outsourced company is situated in another country.

There may be some additional considerations like the level of flexibility needed, and cultural differences and techniques and methodologies, depending on the type of project and company.