5 emotions and which body part they affect!

TNN | December 05, 2016
Which emotion affects which body part

1/6Which emotion affects which body part
The connection between our minds and bodies is often treated as make believe and mired in controversies. Many researchers have tried establishing the relationship and a study in Finland conducted five experiments with over 700 participants and established how different emotions affected different parts of the body. Suwen (The Book of Plain Questions) also deals with establishing a similar kind of relationship in areas of anatomy, physiology and therapy. Drawing from these, we take a look at which organ may be impacted by the emotions of joy, anger, grief, fear and pensiveness.


Joy - Heart

2/6Joy – Heart
According to the traditional Chinese medicine, heart may be associated with the feelings of joy and excitement. Here, joy does not refer to the notion of contentment but to agitation and over stimulation. Over-excitement can cause insomnia, agitation and heart palpitations.
Anger - Liver

3/6Anger – Liver
The emotion of anger is associated with the choleric humor and can cause resentment and irritability. It is believed that this emotion is stored in the liver and gall bladder, which contain bile. Anger can cause headaches and hypertension which can in turn affect the stomach and the spleen.
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Grief/Anxiety - Lungs

4/6Grief/Anxiety – Lungs
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, grief is known to affect lungs and anxiety is known to affect lungs as well as large intestine. These emotions can cause fatigue, shortness of breath or ulcerative colitis.
Fear - Kidneys

5/6Fear – Kidneys
If fear is felt too deeply and for a prolonged period of time, it can begin to affect your kidneys in a harmful way. This explains the urge to urinate whenever one is frightened, particularly children.