4 Tips for Cultivating and Building Strong Relationships with Bloggers and Influencers

In this day and age, you cannot deny the power bloggers and influencers have in our world driven by consumerism. Their ability to market to their readers and followers has proven to be successful marketing technique. Whether that’s posting articles on a bloggers site to help drive customers to you or an Instagram influencer capturing the perfect picture for a sponsorship post. It works. The questions are, what can you do to build valuable relationships with bloggers and influencers? How can your website benefit from the relationships? Blogger outreach is a vital component of content marketing, therefore, building and preserving strong relationships with popular blog owners is key to your success in this area. Here are some top tips for improving your outreach campaigns and developing good business-blogger partnerships.

Tip #1. Outsource:

If your start-up has only just been launched, then you might think that outsourcing your outreach campaign is too expensive for your company right now. However, it could work out cheaper and you will probably find suitable blogs sooner, since experienced blogger outreach companies are always working on not only finding new blogs for their clients to post on, but also maintaining good partnerships with the ones they regularly use.

Tip #2. Offer Incentives:

Today, there are probably millions of companies all wanting to make some money from popular bloggers, so it’s important to ensure that your offer stands out. Remember that blog writers and owners are also businesspeople who need to make money from their online content, so try to offer themsomething in return,for example, linking to their blog on your social media for traffic or providing a free product for them from your range, which they could then review. Offering something to bloggers in return is definitely an investment that can pay off massively when you are conducting outreach.

Tip #3. Build Partnerships:

Depending on the type of product or service that your company offers, you might want to consider entering into partnerships with popular relevant blogs in your industry. For example, you could send new product lines to bloggers to review, appoint a popular blogger as a brand ambassador, or set up an affiliate scheme that allows selected bloggers to advertise your products or services and take a commission for any sales that they generate. Always keep in mind that lasting, effective relationships between business owners and bloggers should be ‘give and take’, where each party benefits from the agreement.

Tip #4. Host Blogger Events:

Blogging can easily become a lonely profession, so many blog writers enjoy going to events where they can meet like-minded people and find out about new businesses that could bring more income to their site. Hosting an exclusive event for bloggerswho are suitable for marketing your product not only gives them a real chance to learn more about your brand first-hand, but being able to meet in person often strengthens the relationship that you build and increases your chance of a long-lasting partnership. Your event doesn’t have to be only aimed at bloggers, either – an event production company like iDEKO will work with you on producing a range of events and projects that will help to market your brand and products in the industry.

Tip #5. Write Natural Content:

Lastly, when choosing potential blogs to help you, you should make sure that they are suitable for natural content that fits in well with your business and brand. Blog owners are more likely to agree to help you if you can provide them with interesting, informational content which is relevant to their readers and likely to improve traffic. Most bloggers today will have guest post guidelines that they expect anybody who posts on their site to follow. Before you come up with a guest post idea, it’s crucial that you find out exactly what these are to ensure that you’re in line with what’s required.