Twitter Inc Co-Founder Evan Williams Believes Developers Should Take Center Stage Once More

Twitter Inc Co-Founder Evan Williams Believes Developers Should Take Center Stage Once More

Co-founder and former CEO of Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR), has announced that he is willing to leave the micro-blog site’s Board of Directors, if the current acting CEO is uncomfortable being surrounded by ex-CEO’s on the board.

Speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech he said he’d finally come to realise what Twitter is. “Early on we didn’t know what Twitter was. We thought it was a social network, some people called it micro blogging,” Claimed Williams. “But today it as “a real time” information network.”

Mr Williams also told the conference in Aspen, CO, that the company should partner with developers to improve the platform. He said, the company needs to make “Twitter more of a platform than it is”. That recalls run in with software developers after it blocked access for API developers.

Business Insider quoted Mr Williams as saying the corporation needed to connect with software developers to ‘have another stab at making Twitter a platform’. He added that the site needs to focus on improving its tools to help access and organize information the information that people are searching for.

It seems the co-founder wants to lose the ‘micro-blogging’ label attached to Twitter. It’s one of the main reasons why the platform is working on improving on its features whilst developing new products and services.

He told Business Insider that the company has a solid financial position. Whilst highlighting the strength of Twitter, he said there are ‘items [products] we could develop.’

Evan Williams is one of three ex-CEOs that sit on the Board of Directors, Dick Costolo and Jack Dorsey are the others. He said the current CEO shouldn’t feel like they were ‘watching his every step.’

“I think the board composition won’t be a deciding factor in the choice [of new CEO],” he said. “I will say personally if the right C.E.O. would prefer one less C.E.O. on the board I’d be happy to — it’s more important that we get that person than I am on the board. I can only speak for myself.”

Williams expressed his concern, at the Brainstorm Tech Conference, on Twitter’sprospective future plans and highlighted the need to find a CEO who has the ‘vision’ to lead it to an innovatively successful future. While refusing to answer question or say anything concrete, he did allude to the ongoing search, saying he is a member of the CEO recruitment committee.

Earlier reports suggested that Twitter was considering Adam Bain, the current Head of Revenue and Partnerships, as the next potential candidate for company CEO. So far, Bain has revealed his thoughts on whether to apply for the post. No other potential candidates have been nominated by the organization.


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