Top 8 Resistance Band Workout for Men


A sure thing in the arsenal of a fitness freak, resistance bands are a revolutionary tool for overall body fitness. With small space for storing, these bands give you the option to workout anytime and anywhere of your choice.

Staying fit is often not very easy. resistance bands offer you exercise of all parts of the body. There are several famous workouts using resistance bands which are most celebrated in the fitness freak community.

Now coming to the point, there are a few exercises using resistance bands that give complete workout to the body.

Types of exercises using resistance bands

Using resistance bands, the exercises possible are:

  • Lower Body Exercises
  • Back Exercises
  • Chest Exercises
  • Shoulder Exercises
  • Arms Exercises

Best Resistance Band Workouts

Going by the words of David Edwards, master trainer at the New York Sports Club, the following workouts are the best using resistance bands:

  • Squat: – The person stands on the band with his shoes into the groove of the band. The arms should be held straight and bending is allowed only at the shoulders. Now, when the person squats, resistance is felt at the top of the squat with slack at the bottom.
  • Push-Ups: – This is a modified form of the conventional push-up that we all usually do. The resistance band is wrapped around the armpits and the back with the handles held struck by the palm on the floor. Sounds difficult, but works really well towards maintaining very level of fitness.
  • Continuous Lunge: – Get into a lunge position with the resistance band placed under the front foot and pulling over by the shoulders. Depress the knee to the ground and then try to straighten it again. Repeat the step with the other leg.
  • Curls: – Curl the resistance band with both the arms after standing on the band. Check for the resistance of the band. If the resistance is too high, you can bring your feet close together. If you are a pro and have been doing curls for long, try with a resistance band of higher resistance value with your feet at wider position.
  • Sideways Walk: – Walking in the morning but a bit differently!!! Start by standing on the band but take care to criss cross the handles. Start your routine walk, some time towards right and sometimes towards left.
  • Punching: – This workout is very similar to the usual boxing, the only difference is bought by the resistance bands. Simply stand with your face away from the door. Get yourself ready in the boxing pose and start punching. A very elaborate and exhaustive workout for strengthening your arm strength.
  • Tricep Kickback: – Get yourself into crouched position and hold the handles of the resistance bands. Try to straighten both the arms. This helps in increasing the flexibility of the triceps.
  • Rows: – It is very similar to the usual rowing of boat. Simply get in a crouched position and face the door. Keeping your feet absolutely parallel and elbows very close to your body with arms absolutely held straight, pull the resistance bands.

These best resistance band exercises can be modified accordingly keeping into consideration the type of exercise you are doing.

A word of Caution

If you are a beginner, be sure to evaluate your fitness strength and then choose the resistance band. If required, take the help of a trainer to judge you. A wrong selection of the resistance band may lead to injury and severe muscle pain.