Technology on the road with you


NEGAUNEE — Technology is everywhere, your computer, phone, and even in your car. With an increasing demand people are looking to stay connected while they are in their vehicle too.

“Technology today is happening so quickly,” said Erick Brooks, a sales consultant at Fox Motors in Negaunee. “It’s amazing. I’ve been in this industry for several years and it just seems like the last couple of years every time you turn around there’s great new technology that makes your vehicle more user-friendly.”

Today you can treat your car as a home office. With the integration of a charging pad for your phone, wireless internet, Bluetooth technology and more it’s possible wherever you are.

“There are so many people that are techy these days that want these cars,” said Brooks. “The biggest best fastest, the newest so yeah it’s really popular.”

Wireless capability is available in 2015 GM models, which include cars, trucks and SUV’s made by Chevy, Buick and GMC. However, if you don’t have the ability to buy a new car, there are shops that can bring your current car up to speed with the changing technology.

“One of the fun things about what we do is a lot of people are holding on to their cars longer, but they want things that are coming on new cars and we’re able to do that for them,” said Martyn Martello, co-owner of Advanced Mobile Accessories in Marquette. “It’s really satisfying.”

At Advanced Mobile Accessories they install remote car starters that also have an app for your phone, back up cameras, heated seats and more. Although it will cost you to update your car, the benefits are something drivers appreciate.

“No one comes here and leaves unhappy,” said Martello. “People come here and their happy because they bought a toy.”

So whether you’re buying a new car equip with the latest technology or you are updating your current vehicle, it’s quickly becoming the new normal to be connected even in your car.


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