Talking to someone using Amateur radio and how to get license

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First off all anyone has licensed to use Amateur radio frequencies. It is very easy to operate amateur radio. From Children less than 8 years of age will get the license easily. Anyone can talk to each other by using this amateur radio and also listens to the radio news and all. To get the license one must purchase the study material which it includes all the information about this. There are also different study materials. One can use internet to read the study material or one can buy it or there are some of the online books are also available. Talking to anyone using this radio is generally named as QSO or a contact. After several contacts are made everyone wants to increase their contacts more and more. To get the license one should pass the exam for this. This is very useful to talk to people who are very far away. Anyone can talk to other persons anywhere in the world and it also costs less than 100 watts. In some countries it is illegal to operate the  DX without a license.

So, it is safe to get the license for this. For the license there is the exam that has to be written by the amateur. If one passes that exam he or she will get the license. The operation of the amateur radio is very easy. Amateur radio is also well known as Ham radio. This is well known in the elder years. After introducing these internet and mobile phones where these Ham radios usage becomes very less in all over the world. But still some are using these. There are frequency ranges to play these radios. GMRS ranges the frequency from 462MHz to 465 MHZ. But Amateur radio has several bands which range above frequencies. Nowadays there are free online study guide lines on the internet. So one should also don’t have to but the study guide lines.  In the internet itself they provide much information which include in the study material. There are price ranges for these Amateur radios. The minimum price of this ham radio is less than 50 dollars.

There are different types of Amateur radios and which has different frequencies. There is an operator for this amateur radio who operates by using the equipment in the two way communications. The highest number of amateur radio operators is in Japan. Mostly these amateur radio operators are male only. Only 13% of the females are there. OM is the title given to the male amateur operators where as the female Amateur operator can be referred to as YL. OL means Old man and YL means Young Lady. Unlicensed women were referred to as XYL which is generally are the wives of amateur males. These are some of the codes for amateur operators. There is no minimum age to become an amateur operator in many of the countries.