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Diet tips for students: Three best foods to eat to sharpen memory and boost performance during exams

It’s important for students to eat a healthy diet that will fuel their body, boost performance in the class or exams. Here are some of the best foods that can help boost memory and focus. Diet tips for students: 3 best foods to sharpen your memory  |  Photo Credit: Thinkstock New Delhi: There’s no denying the fact that diet plays a vital ... Read More »

Vitamin A For Health: 5 Benefits Of Consuming Foods Rich In Vitamin A

Our body needs a number of nutrients in the form of minerals and vitamins to function properly. A deficiency of any of these minerals and vitamins leads to a deficiency in the body, which manifests itself in the form of a number of symptoms that can lead to illnesses. While some of these nutrients are produced by the body, some ... Read More »

Diet plan for your eyes, eat these big 5 foods daily to keep allergies away

Your eyes are by far the most sensitive organ in your body, and it requires the most sensitive care. When it comes to eye care, the glare of the summer sun or the heat are two things you need to protect your eyes from in this season. If you don’t, you could be dealing with a number of problems, such ... Read More »

Why Should You Not Have Sour Foods At Night?

When it comes to eating at night, almost everybody has a same advice – ‘keep it light.’ However, if you ask them what kind of foods you should or should not be having, not many are sure of what they should really be including and are only operating on hearsay. Well, they are not to be fully blamed either. With ... Read More »

6 Foods You Shouldn’t Be Eating Raw!

There are numerous vegetables and fruits that are best eaten when raw and some have to be cooked in order to kill the bacteria that might trigger our health in the longer run. So, if you are adding colourful and nutrient-dense vegetables to your plate, make sure you know what to eat raw or cooked. There are some foods that ... Read More »

10 foods that turn toxic when reheated

Feburary 06, 2017 1/11Never reheat these foods 0 A lot of us are in the habit of storing food and then reheating it at the time of consumption. But what if you were told that reheating certain foods actually make them toxic? Here are some foods that you should never reheat. 2/11Potatoes 0 Potatoes lose their nutritional value if reheated. ... Read More »

6 healthy Indian foods that keep you warm during winters

TNN | December 10, 2016 1/76 healthy Indian foods that keep you warm during winters 0 As the temperature continues to drop down, so does our energy level. When you’re exposed to freezing temperatures over a period of time, your metabolism slows down to conserve energy and heat. At times like these, a walk down the stairs or standing in ... Read More »

Sleep loss may up appetite for sugary, fatty foods

Is it hard for you to avoid gorging on sugar-laden sweets and oily samosas? Your lack of proper sleep is to be blamed. A new study has suggested that rapid eye movement (REM) sleep loss leads to increased consumption of unhealthy foods, specifically sucrose and fat. REM sleep is a unique phase of sleep in mammals that is closely associated ... Read More »

Gene Variant May Drive Hunger For High-Fat Foods

PARIS, FRANCE:  People with a variant of a particular gene prefer high-fat food compared to people without it, said a study Tuesday, suggesting our dietary preferences may be at last partly pre-coded. Unexpectedly, the same individuals had a reduced taste for sugar, according to a study in the journal Nature Communications. “Our work shows that even if you tightly control ... Read More »

Whole Foods strikes solar panel deal with SolarCity

Michael Nagle | Bloomberg | Getty Images SolarCity employees unload solar panels from a truck during a home installation in Kendall Park, New Jersey. SolarCity’s shares popped Tuesday after the alternative energy company announced a deal to install solar panel systems in Whole Foods Market stores across the U.S. The plan aims to increase the production of solar power and ... Read More »