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Chinese devs abuse free Apple app-testing certs to install pirated apps

A Chinese iOS application recently found on Apple’s official store contained hidden features that allow users to install pirated apps on non-jailbroken devices. Its creators took advantage of a relatively new feature that lets iOS developers obtain free code-signing certificates for limited app deployment and testing. The number of malware programs for iOS has been very low until now primarily because ... Read More »

Ant Simulator game canceled after devs blow Kickstarter funds on strippers and booze

UPDATE: The Kickstarter funds referenced actually pertain to YouTube videos Tereshinski later made featuring bits of Ant Simulator—videos which he is also forced to remove in light of today’s events. However the game itself was funded with other sources. Either way, both the Kickstarted videos and the game itself are now pulled. Apologies for the confusion, and still: Best of ... Read More »