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Contraceptive pill doesn’t kill your sexual desire

ANI | Updated: Dec 16, 2016, 04.02 PM IST Contraceptive pill doesn’t kill your sexual desire Busting the popular myth that taking contraceptives curbs sexual desire, a new study reveals that taking the pill doesn’t lower women’s sexual desire, as other factors like age and length of relationship are more important. The study was published in the Journal of Sexual ... Read More »

HTC Desire 10 will be unveiled on September 20

HTC is looking at all the news coming out of IFA and it wants you to know that it plans on announcing something too. Just not now. Or in the next few days. In fact, the company’s next grand unveiling has been scheduled for September 20, as you can see from the teaser that it’s posted to its official Twitter ... Read More »

HTC Desire 530 is now available online at Verizon

Last month the HTC Desire 530 became available in the US for the first time, both in unlocked form as well as through T-Mobile. And starting today Verizon is offering the handset too, even undercutting the magenta carrier on price. You can purchase the Desire 530 online from Big Red right now, or if you want to buy it from ... Read More »

HTC Desire 530 listed online, February 23 launch date

A potential HTC Desire 530 smartphone has been listed on a Dutch retailer’s website and it’s the first time we hear about it. The listing doesn’t mention any specs, but does reveal a few key points on the Desire 530’s release. For one, its price will be just above €190, positioning it in the lower mid-range segment. Additionally, the retailer ... Read More »