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Here’s what’s behind gold’s crazy post-jobs volatility

Gold had a hard time making up its mind about Friday’s jobs report. In the 20 minutes before the number came out, gold futures first rose about $10, before promptly giving up those gains. At the second before the number was released at 8:30 a.m. EDT, gold was sitting at $1,356.5 per troy ounce. On the initial news that the ... Read More »

Cramer: What made the bulls run like crazy

Tuesday scored a clear market win for the bulls. Jim Cramer saw the perfect confluence of events that allowed stocks to soar higher. The first event that took place hinged on two pieces of data that came out of China. Investors learned that things were even worse than many thought when manufacturing numbers matched the lowest level in seven years. ... Read More »

1,450 on the S&P? Here’s why it’s not crazy: Technician

Look out below. The S&P 500’s recent 13 percent decline has investors aching to know when the selling will end. But the technician who called the downturn toward 1,800 says this is just the beginning. The S&P was at 1,855 on Tuesday. “We are no longer in an uptrend. What we know is that our Ebola low was 1,820. We ... Read More »

These 8 stocks pay crazy dividends

With bond yields falling across the globe, investors may be tempted to seek yield in high-dividend stocks. The problem? While fixed income investors who hold a bond until maturity will get their payments unless the issuing company or government defaults, equity investors are in a very different boat. A company may simply choose to reduce its dividend or to stop ... Read More »

Najarian: Stay nimble, take profits in crazy times

CNBC “‘Halftime Report” trader Jon Najarian sold his gun and beer stocks after one day to take advantage of a bounce in the market. In another move, trader Joe Terranova bought shares of Range Resources and Cabot Oil & Gas, both U.S.-based energy producers, for his model portfolio Thursday. Here’s why Najarian sold Anheuser-Busch InBev and Smith & Wesson in ... Read More »