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Intakes of hard drugs are common in societies, causing huge damages in recent times. Misuse of drugs by people is an over-ragging issue over the years, as violence takes the wheel currently in different parts of the world. 

Drugs sometimes are misused by people as we tend to prescribe for instance someone with insomnia. Trying to use drugs in aiding sleep affects the body system after excessive usage of sedatives. 

Drugs can be classified majorly into seven groups; depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, inhalants, cannabis, anesthetics and narcotics; all having side effects when used inappropriately. These drugs can affect a person’s body system based on how it is used.

Failing to go see a doctor for proper prescription and treatment is one of the causes of drug misuse. Self-treatment is dangerous, it affects our physical and mental health. Inappropriate usage of drugs by the people of Bristol has gone out of control as there is an increase in violence and abuse. The intake of cocaine by youths is alarming resulting in several criminal activities being perpetrated in Bristol.

The misuse of drugs led to many Bristolians’ death in the last two decades. The highest level of death in the UK is recorded in Bristol which is very disturbing via suboxone clinics in bristol va. More crimes are recorded daily, bringing concerns to the police.

Rehab is organized to help addicts struggling with drug abuse in recovering fully. There is a need for more drug rehab facilities, drug strategies and drug policies in Bristol for awareness about the effects of drug misuse or abuse.

Sometimes when we are depressed we try to seek solace in the misuse of drugs such as cocaine, cannabis, etc. Peer influence and loneliness also contributes to the misuse of drugs as many youths are discovered to be addicted to these drugs. Some even inject these drugs into their system not bothering about adverse effects to their nervous systems.

Stopping addiction can be somewhat uneasy, when you stop using these drugs your body system is not able to function well without them. So there is a need for drug rehab centers to help people that are addicted for proper treatment and recovery.

Drug rehabs have appropriate treatment programs for addicted people either short-term or long-term depending on the patient’s predicament.

Effects of drug abuse in Bristol

  1.   Death

The misuse of drugs can lead to severe illness that are sometimes not noticed earlier as addicts neglect health checks because of stigmatization. 

  1.   Increased domestic violence 

 Effect of drugs is very scary as it affects mental health. Some people even develop psychological problems causing disorientation and character disorder. 

  1.     Sexual violence

In some addicts this behavioural pattern occurs especially with people who are violent with their wives even before they started getting addicted to drugs. Also rogues under the influence of drugs rape ladies.

  1.     Separation from friends and family

 Many families get separated due to unusual behavioural patterns caused by influence of hard drugs displayed by a member of the family to prevent bad influence on others. 

  1. Lavish spending 

The huge demand tied to addiction makes people who are addicted to lavish money on drugs taking too much of their finances, not caring about other financial needs that may arise. 

  1.   Bad state of health

 Health declines when drugs are misused or abused by people as the drugs affect the central nervous systems and motor ability as it may lead to decline in health. 

Why do drug addicts in Bristol need Rehab

Drug addicts are stigmatized as they are believed to disturb the order of the society. Our mental health is very important in having a good behavioral pattern. Misuse of drugs takes your consciousness far away from you leading to character disorder.  When your employer discovers that you are an addict you can lose your job which is your only means of livelihood.

Undergoing a drug rehabilitation program in a rehab center will help in restoring confidence and also improve one’s physical and mental health. Letting go of drugs willingly is not as easy as said. A rehabilitation program will be a better guide in recovering totally from addiction.

In Bristol there is an urgent  need for drug rehab due to increased criminal activities. Thousands of people have died in Bristol as many youths are addicted to drugs.Number of people dying in Bristol keeps increasing daily. Damages have been caused, many families separated and people killed unjustly.