How To Make Custom Stickers

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Regardless if you’re a small child or an older adult, we all love stickers. Take a walk or drive along numerous avenues and you’ll see people with sticker-strewn laptops, guitar cases, and vehicles. There’s something about a sticker which encourages people to pick one up and place it anywhere. And this is a boon for businesses, especially when establishing themselves and putting a bit of security into their work.

Yes, security. For when businesses make custom stickers through other companies they can incorporate details which protect their business such as trademark and copyright information. They can even embed RFI tags which bring users to a secure location to review products and prices.

How does a business go about ordering custom stickers? If we said the Internet it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Sites like offer customers the ability to provide their own designs or have template samples available for businesses to utilize. What’s key to making a choice are two things. First, if you can review the design on their website prior to purchase. Second, what other people have said about the company.

Should you decide to go with a custom template for your business you want to provide a design which is neither too big or small. Yes, smaller stickers can cost less, but their impact can be reduced as well. Larger stickers are more expensive and not be conducive to collection and implementation that gives you the free advertising you require. Many sites offer suggestions for standard sticker sizes to fit your business.

Another item to consider when ordering custom stickers is what type you want them to be. They should be easy to remove and place, so you may want to go with double cut stickers which are larger and won’t have the risk of tearing. Should you not be using these for consumers and want to attach them to other promotional items, look into purchasing kiss cut sticker sheets which can contain as many as 12 items per page. Or, order both if the company provides a discount for multiple orders.

Like other things in your business, think carefully about your custom sticker design. Remember, what you produce goes out as a free promotion in your area. Make it as tasteful and memorable as possible in order to increase your customer base.