Know about advantages of having international travel insurance

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As the trends are changing and more people are planning international trips, insurance companies are providing international travel insurance for the safety of travellers. Moreover, in the case of an unexpected mishap, the losses can leave you equally bereaved. So, whether you are a frequent traveller or travel for an occasional vacation, you would be better off buying international travel insurance. There are many scenarios where international travel insurance is really important. The main reasons for taking travel insurance are cancellation of trip, loss of luggage, or falling sick while travelling. In such cases, if you do not have travel insurance, it can leave you high and dry with no chance of recovering your losses. Additionally, you need to be careful that travel insurance you buy also includes health insurance, as it would cover medical and even dental expenses. The best part is that international travel insurance will leave you worry free while you enjoy your holidays.

The main benefits of international travel insurance are as follows:

  • The policy would typically cover the medical expenses that you may have to incur on the domestic trip, and therefore allows you to enjoy your trip without any worries on this account.
  • In case you suffer any financial losses through your baggage or luggage getting lost or stolen, the insurance company will compensate you for it.
  • International travel insurance also provides for losses incurred through accidental death, injury or disability.
  • It would also cover you for losses you suffer due to the delay or cancellation of your trip, especially if you have made advance payments which are non-refundable.
  • The medical expenses you incur if you have to be shifted to seek emergency medical care are also compensated if you also have health insurance as part of your travel insurance.
  • The travel insurance provider would also typically provide you with compensation for loss/ theft of passport and documents.

It is equally important to know the things that travel insurance does not cover, which are:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Losses suffered in acts of terrorism
  • Suicide attempts
  • Not heeding medical advice
  • Expenses incurred to treat diseases like HIV/AIDS
  • Losses suffered as a result of you being under the influence of alcohol