How The World’s Top 7 Airlines Use Social Media

Airlines are big companies. They have thousands of members of staff and even more ‘touch points’ when it comes to customer communications and service around the globe. The last thing they need is to be on social media, right?

Wrong. And in fact, some of the biggest airlines in the world are leading brands in their own right on social media. They work really hard to develop high quality campaigns and a strong presence on social media, and it results in excellent outcomes.

In this post, we’re going to look at the top 7 airlines in the world (as decided by The World Airline Awards 2015), and see what it is they do to make social media a huge marketing machine.

This includes the opening up of Instagram ads powered by Facebook, the revamped explore tab and a more powerful search which provide brands an opportunity to reach a new audience with a reactive content strategy.



So sit back, relax, and please do not leave your seat until you are told it is safe to do so.

Qatar Airways: News and events on social and even upselling

These guys have a strong presence on Twitter, and they seem to have based it entirely on the model of offering news and information about the company and how it is doing. This obviously works well. Their engagement on Twitter is pretty constant, with retweets in the area of 25-30 per post. Their key work happens in engagement with customers. Since people are only too happy to tweet their experiences on board the airline, Qatar is quick to reply. A recent tweet and conversation here shows how they are adept at responding to queries, and turning them into, effectively, ‘upsells’.

On Facebook, Qatar is all about the experience again. They don’t try anything funny or humorous (that’s not them) and there are no ‘viral’ aspects that they push. Instead, they focus on showing videos of movies playing on their flights, press conference stuff and the partnerships they have with various events.

Special offers make their customers happy, and with a great photo, the airline gains nearly 1800 likes on an air miles offer with a gorgeous image.

With their Instagram account, the airline knows that good imagery counts. This post gained the biggest engagement for some time, with over 10,000 likes. It’s simply a high quality, interesting photo.

qatar airways

Singapore Airlines: Twitter as a strong tool for branding

This company have an excellent Twitter account, full of gorgeous photos that all have the Singapore Airlines logo in the bottom right hand corner. The account is heavy on the branding. Singapore Airlines have a reputation for affordable luxury, and this shows through the images of gorgeous interiors of the planes alongside the rather delicious-looking food that the airline serves up.

They’re not afraid to risk it on social either. As a stab at engagement and interaction, this isn’t too shabby. It didn’t work out as well as they probably hoped, but we applaud the quality of the image and the attempt to get some real interaction.


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