Florida home health aide reportedly stripped naked and pummeled a patient


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Maybe the health professional was the sick one in this case.

A Florida home health aide allegedly took off all her clothes and battered a patient on Sunday afternoon, according to reports.

Police in the central coast town of Palm Bay say the as-yet-unidentified woman was completely naked and the patient was ailing from her attack when they arrived to the house on the 800 block of Hawaii Ave. at around 2 p.m., Florida Today reported.

The officers took the healthcare worker in for observation and officials at the Palm Bay Police Department are considering pressing charges against her, Lt. Greg Latulippe told the publication. The seriousness of the patient’s injuries was not immediately known, according to Florida Today.

Someone at the home in a residential section of the town roughly 75 miles southeast of Orlando had called police to report the health aide’s bizarre behavior, according to the publication. Police weren’t able to figure out what may have motivated her to get naked and go after the homebound patient.

“The nurse apparently decided to take off her clothes and not act normally,” Latulippe said. “The officers managed to convince her to be handcuffed. She is now in protective custody and was taken in for an evaluation.”

A Palm Bay Police Department official said no additional details about the incident were available and referred the Daily News to a spokeswoman late Monday. The spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond to a request for more information.