‘Final Fantasy XV’ PC Version Gets Groundswell Support from Gamers!

Apart from a recent leak supposedly about a gameplay demo running on DirectX12 on Windows 10, the PC version of the upcoming role-playing game “Final Fantasy XV” is now getting groundswell support from gamers.

Apparently, a petition was made by gamers at Change.org for game developer Square Enix to really push for the development of the PC version of “Final Fantasy XV” to complement the planned releases on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

The petition, created by Evan Jay from Rockland, New York, was in the form of an open letter to game director Hajime Tabata of Square Enix requesting the release of “Final Fantasy XV” on the PC platform. So far, the signature campaign has already drawn over 13,000 supporters as of end-June.

Square Enix is reportedly prepping a PC version of “Final Fantasy XV” as a result of the recent leak of its gameplay demo. The fact that the supposed gameplay demo was already running on Windows 10 also means that the developer might have been working on it for quite some time. The technical preview of Windows 10 was only released late last year.

However, it is not impossible for Square Enix to create a PC version of “Final Fantasy XV” since the previous versions were also offered in the PC platform, including the “Final Fantasy XIV” which was released last year.

Reports have it that the teaser demo will lead to the creation of the PC version. There are also differences in the leaked demo compared to what was initially featured on the trailer for the console versions. The graphics on the Windows 10 demo are better than those in the gaming consoles so it could be expected that the game will also require higher PC specs.

There is still other news about the “Final Fantasy XV” PC version. A job posting site called Js01 featured an opening for Square Enix that is specifically focused on the individual’s PC skills for the position. The job post even indicated that the work could be related to the new online version of the “Final Fantasy XV.” The skill requirements for the position include online management and production around games with fees. The job posting also indicated that the ideal hire should have an interest and experience in playing PC games.

Gameplay demo at Gamescom

It has been reported that Square Enix will showcase”Final Fantasy XV” in Gamescom next month. Gamescom is the largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games that will happen on August 6 to August 8 at Cologne, Germany.

Square Enix will partner with YouTuber NinotakuTV in presenting the demo of the game at the event. The presentation is scheduled on the last day of Gamescom. There is not much detail revealed regarding the live demo but reports suggest that the presentation will be Square Enix’s starting point for creating an even bigger marketing push for the game.

Square Enix featured a trailer for the of “Final Fantasy XV” at the E3 2015 last month. The trailer has already captivated Final Fantasy fans again, and got them really excited for the release of the game on the gaming consoles. Square Enix has yet to make an announcement on the specific release date of the game both on the gaming consoles and the recently reported PC version.

final fantasy xv

It greatly helped that the teaser presented during the event has a narrator describing what was going on in the scenes. Though he was telling the current situation of the characters in the game, the narrator also sent cryptic messages that highlight the great efforts Square Enix has put into the latest installment of the video game, short of telling everyone that “Final Fantasy XV” is not a game that can be taken lightly.


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