Effects Of Kratom Use

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A lot of people form an opinion of this herbal supplement without knowing the effects of kratom use. It has distinct features and qualities that make it different from other herbs. There are many different strains of kratom, however, they have similar characteristics.

Kratom was originally used in Southeast Asia culture for religious ceremonies. 

Like every other substance that is taken, kratom is no exception in having notable effects on the body.

The effects that come with using Kratom are both positive and negative. These effects are determined by the dosage that is used. We would be looking at these effects explicitly in this post. Visit oasiskratom.com to purchase high-quality kratom. 

Effects Of Kratom At A Low Dosage 

A normal dose can range from 1 to 5 grams of Kratom. This herb provides overall balance and wellness factors to help overcome specific challenges you may be going through. 


Some people believe that using kratom can cause you to experience a hazy state of mind. 

However, many factors come into play when using kratom. Therefore, the amount of kratom you take will affect the overall experience that you have. It is best to always start on a low dose of kratom and work your way up. This will help you know how kratom is affecting you.


If you are the type of person that is usually timid, introverted, and one that finds it hard to mingle with people. Kratom would help you solve this issue by increasing your level of sociability, especially when attending parties or social gatherings. Kratom is known to take away aspects of social anxiety and allow you the ability to enjoy your time with others. 

Heightens Your Libido 

Sex can be uninteresting if both parties lack sex drive, energy, and the ability to last for long. Kratom when used at low dosage can help solve this problem among couples because it heightens their libido and sexual reflexes. 

Effects Of Kratom At A High Dosage 

If you use between 5 to 15 grams of Kratom, your level of usage ranges between moderate to high. Some of the effects of Kratom at this stage can be unhealthy because this is the point where people get “high“. However, if this is what you want, you can get to that level with Kratom. 


Using high doses of Kratom can make you oblivious to your environment. It takes you to a dull, calm, and almost dreamlike mental state. You should avoid this state if you need to engage in activities that require your concentration.

Helps To Reduce Pain

Unfortunately, human existence is one that is often characterized by pain that we encounter at different facets of life. Kratom creates an escape from pain by suppressing it. 


Kratom offers a variety of effects that are both positive and negative. The key is to always start on a low dose of kratom, and work your way up to a desired level of effects. In doing so, you will get the most from your kratom experience.