EaseUSPartition Master Free – Single Software for Multiple Needs

Often it is seen that disk space problem becomes a huge problem whether in a home PC or for any system is a major issue. There are many software companies that are coming up with their solution among which EaseUS hold a great fame.

Among enormous software introduced by EaseUS, EaseUSPartition Masterhas been proved to be a great help in this scenario. It is a helpful partition manager in handling disk management easily.

Is it free?

Nothing comes free but if the PC is for the home use, and so this software comes free for them. This could be the main reason why more than 30 million people are recommending this software by EaseUS.


What kind of Window configuration is supported by them?

From oldest to newer- all versions of Windows is supported by it. Whether it is Windows XP or Vista or the most common 8.1 or 8.7 or latest Windows 10- all are supported by it.

Languages supported

No matter what language you are using, it supports all the best possible official language including- Chinese, Espanola, English, Polski, Portuguese, Francais and Deutsch

What it does?

C drive could be extended with the aid of this management tool for free disk partition and along with it the common issues of GPT partition, low space problem in disk, managing the disk space over MBR could be solved with it.

Why to choose EaseUS partition-tool?

The most common feature that one looks in the similar kind of software are reliability, simplicity, resizing the partition without losing or erasing the present data, in brief it should be non- destructive and versatility. The complicated software is often ignored by the users. All these features are supported by EaseUS Partition Master Free and above all it is very easy to operate. Even a person who does not possess much knowledge of computer can use it with ease.

Main functions

Though this software is full of additional features but some of them turn it unique and desirable. You could call this software as a complete package that holds a full set of features.

It supports Windows 10 clone to SSD.

Partition Copy Wizard could be done easily by it.

Partition Manager Disk tool is available here.

Partition Recovery Wizard is also there.

Conversion of GPT from MBR is an easy task with it.

It could also provide solution to some bugs.

It is compatible with Windows 10

Main features

Key Features

It could be termed as the ideal solution for deleting, creating, splitting, wiping, formatting, merging, resizing, moving partitions so that the hard drive capacity could be used in the best manner.

In order to increase the PC performance without losing your precious data it could be used. For example NTFS system partition could be extended without actually rebooting.

Merge easily two adjacent partitions without losing data.

Conversion of FAT into NTFS files system.

Hard disk could be copied or migrated OS to SSD from HDD without reinstallation of windows.

Recover lost or deleted partition from your system.

Support till 16TB GPT disk.

Logical partition conversion from primary partition and vice versa

If you are really looking for a similar data thEn EaseUSPartition Master Free is an ideal one.