Diva in double denim! Beyoncé takes sexy to the max in tight crop top and cut offs in new social media snap


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Beyoncé’s had a controversial few days after being accused of stealing her hit song XO and angering fans by confessing she’s only a part-time vegan.

The 33-year-old star seemed to shrug those troubles away by slipping into her Daisy Dukes in a new photo shared on her lifestyle website Beyonce.com.

The mother-of-one was clad in a pair of faded and distressed denim shorts and a tight-fitted bustier-style crop top that put her toned waist and legs on display.

A short-sleeved denim blouse fell off one shoulder while the epitome of sexiness herself threw the camera one of her sultry, come hither gazes.

Her red-tinged locks were pulled back in a ponytail and ruby lipstick added a splash of colour to her minimally made up face.

She stood on what looked like a terrace with potted plants in the background and a chainlink fence adding an urban city feel.

While double denim might be the norm now, triple denim is a whole different level. If there’s one person who can make it seem effortlessly cool however it’s Beyonce. Posting a new style picture to her website, Beyonce posed in a triple attack denim outfit of high waisted ripped cut off shorts, cropped bustier top and short sleeved ripped jacket.

While we might not be brave enough to rock all three elements together like Bey, we can definitely get on board with the denim cut offs which make the perfect summer item for holidays and festivals.

Beyonce’s pair are a customised pair of Levi’s classics, the 501 cut off’s, and you can buy your own pair of 501’s at Shopbop and rip away to create Beyonce’s look.

Alternatively shop our picks from the likes of Topshop, Missguided and River Island below to recreate Beyonce’s denim look at a fraction of the price. The only question is whether you will you double or even triple denim this Summer?