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Sony’s new Xperia X series injects more intelligence into smartphones

Sony wants to put the “smart” in smartphones with its new Xperia X series handsets, which come packing new “intelligent” predictive features, better battery management, and a greater focus on design. The company introduced the first three phones revolving around that vision—the Xperia X Series featuring the Xperia X, Xperia X Performance, and the Xperia XA—during Mobile World Congress in ... Read More »

IBM says its new software links all your IT to the cloud

the digital-transformation imperative looms large in the business world, but it’s not always clear how on-premises software and data fit into the picture. IBM says it can help. The company on Monday announced a new series of “connect” tools for IBM Cloud that are designed to make it easier for companies to extend existing IT investments to the cloud. “There ... Read More »

GitHub Enterprise is coming to Bluemix

GitHub’s popular code-sharing service for developers has long been available in a self-hosted enterprise version, and now it’s coming to IBM’s Bluemix cloud platform. Thanks to a new partnership announced Monday, IBM and GitHub will deliver GitHub Enterprise as a dedicated service on Bluemix across private and hybrid cloud environments. The service gives corporate developers a new way to code ... Read More »

5 things to know about the MateBook, Huawei’s first-ever Windows device

When you think of the name Huawei, you likely think of servers or Android devices—or you don’t think of them at all, since Huawei is hardly a major brand name in the U.S. The company is hoping to change that, though, with the introduction of its first convertibleWindows tablet, the Huawei MateBook. The MateBook is a productivity-focused tablet akin to ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Plumbago app promises to make your chickenscratch legible

In concept, it sounds useful: a Microsoft Garage app that promises to smooth, or “beautify,” your handwriting when you take notes on a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 tablet, such as the Microsoft Surface. Unfortunately, Plumbago’s smoothing feature doesn’t seem to work, yet. Think of Plumbago as a stripped-down version of OneNote, with an emphasis on easy doodling and adding ... Read More »

You’ll find beasts and beauties in the movies streaming this week

See larger image The evil men do Netflix’s original movie Beasts of No Nation may not have received any Oscar nominations, but it’s still well worth seeing, especially for the performances of Idris Elba and Abraham Attah, both of which deserved nominations. Many other movies available this week, ranging from bittersweet comedies to sci-fi romances, indie dramas to Hollywood thrillers, ... Read More »

IBM dangles $5 million prize for major breakthroughs using Watson

IBM has been encouraging developers to build apps using its Watson artificial intelligence system, which it hopes will be a big moneymaker for the company in the future. On Wednesday it kicked off its latest push, pledging US$5 million in prizes for whoever makes the biggest breakthroughs using Watson by 2020. “We’re inviting teams from around the world to develop ... Read More »

Google to shut down Play Store for Education as classroom focus turns to Chromebooks

The final school bell is about to ring on Google Play for Education. Google will soon shut down the program, which provided schools with tablets and licenses to bundle app purchases from the Play Store. Google will continue to support those enrolled until the expiration of their contracts. A Google spokesperson confirmed the closure in a statement to TechCrunch: “As ... Read More »

Craigslist fails to flag most scam rental ads, study finds

Craigslist, the popular online listings service, has waged a long fight against scammers, but a new academic study suggests it’s been losing the battle. The study focussed on listings for housing rentals, and found that Craigslist failed to remove a majority of those that were fraudulent. The researchers analyzed two million ads over a five-month period in 2014 and determined ... Read More »

Google Play Store can now use your Gmail itineraries for app recommendations

Where you go can tell a lot about you. Google would now like to use what it already knows about your travels to better pitch some new Android apps. An update to the Google Play Store features a new option: Use itineraries from Gmail.You can turn it on in the settings, and as the description implies you should see more apps ... Read More »