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Facebook’s latest News Feed overhaul puts stories you want to see at the top

Facebook knows everything about you, from who your friends and family are to what you like and where you’ve been. It even knows the posts you draft but never publish. Combine all that information with the power of the like button, which signals to Facebook that a post should be shared more widely, and the network should know exactly what ... Read More »

Top 5 Marketing Benefits of Bulk SMS Services

BulkSMS or transactional SMS has become a popular way of communication because of the growing demand for mobile phones. As technology has enhanced in the modern era, bulk messages can also be forwarded through a website whereas earlier it was only possible to transmit an SMS between two mobile phones. If you believe you can’t afford the direct mailing because ... Read More »

AWS Takes the Lead among All Cloud Solutions

AWS users will be benefiting from the built-in cloud security and cloud cost management tools in 2016. We will see a lot of improvements in this sector which will be tremendously beneficial for the users. Amazon is the leading online platform that is the number one tool for business as it serves different purposes. Cloud computing is not something that ... Read More »

Make Your Own Free Website with

If you are looking for free website builder that could deliver most professional outlook than only is the right place where you can stop. Here you could see your idea to develop in the most customize way with restricted efforts. Here you can build a well designed website, with professional touch without paying anything. Enter your email address and ... Read More »

New VMware CIO Offers Insight Into Company’s 2016 Plans

VMware Senior Vice President and CIO Bask Iyer had some rather impressive shoes to fill when he joined the world’s largest virtualization software company in March 2015. He came from Juniper Networks to replace former CIO Tony Scott, who was selected by the Obama administration to be CIO of the United States. Iyer leads VMware’s global information and technology organization ... Read More »

Samsung to Stop Disabling Windows Update

Security researcher Patrick Barker, along with several others, recently discovered that Samsung’s SW Update software was disabling Windows Update by resetting it to “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download or install them” every time Windows was rebooted. “SW Update is your typical OEM updating software that will update your Samsung drivers, the bloatware that came on ... Read More »

FinalCode 5 Takes Aim at File Encryption Challenge [PODCAST]

Security vendor FinalCode launched in the U.S in April 2015 in a bid to help advance the state of file encryption. Having faced its share of competitive challenges over the course of the year, the company is now out with its latest release, FinalCode 5. “There are a lot of solutions out there to protect files,” said Scott Gordon, who ... Read More »

VMware Trims Staff as It Enters Fiscal 2016

VMware is sharpening its focus for the new year by cutting staff, even as revenue rises. VMware reported fourth quarter fiscal 2015 revenues on January 26. For the quarter, VMware reported revenue of $1.87 billion, for a gain of 10 percent on a year-over-year basis. Net income was reported at $373 million, for a 17 percent year-over-year gain. For the ... Read More »

Docker 1.10 Designed to Bolster Container Security

The open-source Docker container engine technology is set for a major boost this week. The expected release on Feb. 4 of Docker 1.10 includes new features and a strong focus on security, particularly with the integration of secure computing (or seccomp) and user namespace technology. Seccomp is a technology that is integrated into the mainline of the Linux kernel to ... Read More »

Neiman Marcus, UCF Acknowledge Data Breaches

In separate incidents, networks at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and the retailer Neiman Marcus were both recently breached. UCF yesterday announced that an intrusion into its network, discovered in January 2016, had compromised the personally identifiable information (PII), including Social Security numbers, of approximately 63,000 current and formers students, staff and faculty members. Those affected include current student-athletes, ... Read More »