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VMware Trims Staff as It Enters Fiscal 2016

VMware is sharpening its focus for the new year by cutting staff, even as revenue rises. VMware reported fourth quarter fiscal 2015 revenues on January 26. For the quarter, VMware reported revenue of $1.87 billion, for a gain of 10 percent on a year-over-year basis. Net income was reported at $373 million, for a 17 percent year-over-year gain. For the ... Read More »

Docker 1.10 Designed to Bolster Container Security

The open-source Docker container engine technology is set for a major boost this week. The expected release on Feb. 4 of Docker 1.10 includes new features and a strong focus on security, particularly with the integration of secure computing (or seccomp) and user namespace technology. Seccomp is a technology that is integrated into the mainline of the Linux kernel to ... Read More »

Neiman Marcus, UCF Acknowledge Data Breaches

In separate incidents, networks at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and the retailer Neiman Marcus were both recently breached. UCF yesterday announced that an intrusion into its network, discovered in January 2016, had compromised the personally identifiable information (PII), including Social Security numbers, of approximately 63,000 current and formers students, staff and faculty members. Those affected include current student-athletes, ... Read More »

Is your Smartphone Safe when it is Lying Somewhere?

You might have visited a friend’s place and you would want to sit and relax. But you are a bit afraid to keep the Smartphone lying somewhere. This is because you think that your friend or someone else would take your phone and start the search. It is really quite exciting to bully a friend with some data that might ... Read More »

53 Percent of Oil and Gas Companies Report Surge in Cyber Attacks

A recent survey of more than 150 professionals in the energy, utilities, and oil and gas industries has found that 53 percent of oil and gas industry respondents said the rate of cyber attacks targeting their organizations had increased between 50 and 100 percent over the previous month. The survey, conducted in November 2015 by Dimensional Research on behalf of ... Read More »

84 Percent of U.S., U.K. Organizations Have Been Breached by Spear Phishing Attacks

A recent survey of 300 IT decision makers in the U.S. and U.K. found that more than 84 percent of respondents said a spear phishing attack had penetrated their organization’s security defenses. The survey, conducted by Vanson Bourne and sponsored by Cloudmark, also found that respondents said approximately 28 percent of spear phishing attacks are getting through their organization’s security defenses. ... Read More »

#AnalyzeMyData campaign looks at the way personal data is being used

Today is Data Privacy/Protection Day 2016 and experts in the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute at The University of Nottingham are launching a Twitter based campaign to look at the way personal digital data is being used and analysed by companies, government, third-sector organisations and academics. The aim of the #AnalyzeMyData campaign is to increase public awareness of the ways ... Read More »

55 Percent of IT Pros Don’t Know Where Their Company’s Payment Data Is Stored

A recent survey [PDF] of 3,773 IT and IT security practitioners worldwide has found that 55 percent of respondents said they don’t know where all of their company’s payment data is stored or located, and 80 percent said that kind of uncertainty presents a very high (42 percent) or high (38 percent) risk to that data. The survey, conducted by ... Read More »

Missing Hard Drives Expose 950,000 Centene Customers’ PHI

The healthcare provider Centene Corporation recently announced that it’s searching for six unencrypted hard drives that were unaccounted for in an inventory of IT assets. The drives held the names, addresses, birthdates, Social Security numbers, member ID numbers and health information of approximately 950,000 people who received laboratory services between 2009 and 2015. “While we don’t believe this information has ... Read More »

EU and US days away from deadline to renew data-sharing pact

The European Union and the United States are hurtling toward a deadline on reaching a new agreement over data sharing that would extinguish the risk of costly litigation by consumers worried about their privacy. The two sides have been trying to forge an agreement by Jan. 31 after Europe’s top court struck down the previous pact in October due to ... Read More »