Apple iPhone 7 will be better than the iPhone 6 thanks to these possible design changes

RUMOURS suggest that Apple are working to alter some pesky problems that have been irritating iPhone 6 users globally.

Thousands of Apple fans have complained about the iPhone 6’s camera lens, which slightly juts out of the device.

It’s believed this is because Apple wanted to upgrade the image quality — which resulted in a bulky camera.

This design feature makes the camera more likely to be damaged and stops the phone from lying flat when placed on its back.

But MacRumours have reported that the iPhone 7 is expected to feature a smaller camera.

Other rumours suggest that the next model may be made from a different material.

Working a waterproof and dustproof surface into the design could prevent help to prevent damage.

And there has also been speculation about whether the new model will include a faster processor and the option of wireless charging.

The MacRumours report also reveals that Apple might be getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

This could potentially spark outrage, as iPhone users would have to buy special headphones to fit their specific model.

The iPhone 7 is due for release in September 2016.