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Facebook Messenger Reaches 1.2 Billion Users Reports Good Adoption of New Initiatives

One of the more interesting elements of the recent rollout of Facebook Stories was the backlash, the pervading sentiment that Stories won’t – and doesn’t – work on Facebook. The basis for that perspective, in general, seems to be ‘none of my friends are using it, so no one is’. So it’s a failure. Put a fork in it, it’s done. ... Read More »

Ramdev’s yoga textbook reaches Goa schools

In order to promote yoga and educate people all over the nation, the yoga guru, Baba Ramdev is seen constantly coming up with schemes and ideas to achieve the same. Recently, a yoga training textbook, ‘Khel-Khel Me’ has been prepared by Patanjali Yog Peeth,  Haridvar so as to teach in the primary schools in Goa. (Read: Teachers to get training ... Read More »