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How Does a Translation Stage Work?

Precision motion systems are critical in applications that require highly accurate automated positioning. These include a range of modern fields, from laser processing and automated liquid handling to microscopy and photonics. One of the most recognized constituent modules of these motion systems is the translation or linear stage. Simply put, a translation stage is a component that allows for precise ... Read More »

T-Mobile will resume Samsung Galaxy Note7 sales starting tomorrow

T-Mobile – one of the Big Four carriers in the US – has announced that it will resume sales ofthe Samsung Galaxy Note7 in the country beginning October 5 (tomorrow). The phablet will be available for purchase through the carrier’s website as well as offline stores. With this, the magenta carrier joins Sprint and Verizon who have been selling the ... Read More »

Recover your lossing data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Losing our priceless and crucial data or files has no comparison. Only the people who lost the files know the importance of the files. Some days back, the situation was that, once the file has been deleted, it would not be retrieved. But now, the vogue has been changed. Now, the software supports a lot to gratify the demands of ... Read More »

Talking to someone using Amateur radio and how to get license

First off all anyone has licensed to use Amateur radio frequencies. It is very easy to operate amateur radio. From Children less than 8 years of age will get the license easily. Anyone can talk to each other by using this amateur radio and also listens to the radio news and all. To get the license one must purchase the ... Read More »

Things You Need to Know About Diamond Quality and Certification

Aren’t diamonds a girl’s best friend? Well yes, diamonds are forever and there is a diamond for every occasion ever. However, it is necessary that you make sure that the gemstones you are buying are not only genuine but also worth the money you are investing in them. Not only is it about buying a real diamond, it is equally ... Read More »

The Joy of Real money games on your Smart TV

The Joy of Real money games on your Smart TV is incomparable for a lot of people. People go to the Red Flush casino for the sort of rush that is going to be difficult to get in any other circumstance. They’ll be able to enjoy the feeling of having money on the line and being able to try to ... Read More »

The Black Hole Of Technical Debt And Ways To Escape From It

Technical debt if not recovered may occur technical bankruptcy. Poor maintenance of software may lead to such condition. The traditional software programs involve a phrase based approach to present advancement. Construction of new feature and updating of the software is done in the new phase. In each step, new construction is very necessary. This not only enhances the software but ... Read More »

Ways To Create Balance Between Various Technical Debt Solutions

There are various forms of debts, when you are thinking about technical debt. Some of the basic ones are tactical debt, strategic debt, incremental and inadvertent debt. You have to look down at breakdown of tech debt, along with its symptoms and how you are about to use it for slowing down the development procedures. For this, the first step ... Read More »

Symptoms Associated With Technical Debt And Its Features

In the field of development cycle, there are different places where tech debt can rear its head. It might even cause problems, for the product you are developing, in near future. For tackling such problems, relating to tech debt, team first needs to understand the materials of debt, ways to identify it, and address its presence in current system. This ... Read More »

Microsoft may roll out a Surface all-in-one Laptop to mission Apple’s iMac

  Microsoft has made hardware greater of a concern in recent years, what with the Floor Seasoned line ofcapsules and Surface E book pc. But these gadgets is probably just the start of Redmond’s Computerpush. If a pair new reviews are any indication, the business enterprise is also about to jump into the laptopComputer recreation. Home windows Imperative said Friday ... Read More »