Zombies are coming to PUBG MOBILE stable version by February 19


If PUBG MOBILE is a routine part of your life, then you must have heard about the highly-anticipated zombie mode. For months, fans of PUBG MOBILE have been eagerly looking forward to going zombie-hunting in the game. However, the PC version received the update long before the zombie mode came to the beta version of PUBG MOBILE. In fact, it has almost been a month since the zombie update hit the beta version of the game. However, it seems that the long wait will be ultimately bearing fruits as reports of the zombie update making it to the stable version of the game are here.

The report comes from Mr. Ghost Gaming who is known to offer reliable information for pre-release features of PUBG MOBILE. This time, he says that Tencent Games is finally done with testing the zombie mode in the beta version of the game and is prepping to release it for the stable version of the game. Tencent Games has reportedly concluded all the testing and bug fixing on the beta version and is gearing up to announce it for all PUBG MOBILE players by February 19.

Mr. Ghost Gaming says that Tencent Games will be putting the server on maintenance on February 18 and will make the new zombie mode available to play from February 19. While Tencent Games hasn’t confirmed the release of the zombie mode yet, the latest crop of teasers on PUBG MOBILE’s Twitter handle suggests what this leak has to say. The zombie mode is a part of the association with RE Games on account of Resident Evil 2’s launch.

The zombie mode will allow players to go up against other players in a classic match, albeit with zombies popping up in-between. The zombies will try to kill the player and can be killed by all weapons in PUBG MOBILE. Killing the zombies will award the player with new weapons and ammunition. To make the gameplay more challenging, the zombie mode keeps on switching between day and night. The frequency of zombies popping up increases during the night while it goes down drastically in daylight. And yes, all the zombies are from the Resident Evil games, including the boss zombies that require more ammunition to kill.

You can play the zombie mode right now by directly downloading the beta version of the game. However, like all beta version of games and apps, you might encounter bugs as well as glitches.