Why Your Home Or Office Needs On-Site Shredding Services

It might not seem like it in the sleepy edges of the GTA, but commercial and personal identity theft is a real threat; and it can happen because of a single bad decision followed by unlucky circumstances. Alternatively, preventing identity theft from happening to you or your company is just as easy. One simple call to your local shredding service is all it takes to save you from becoming another victim.


You’ve heard of it before, even in Burlington. A homeowner thinks nothing of throwing out their bank slips, cell phone bills, and receipts. Then they place their bins at their curb to be picked up by the city’s garbage trucks. Little did they think that someone was riding through the streets of Burlington looking through garbage bins (technically on city property) to find exactly those sorts of files. Once they have a name and an account number, they can start opening up more (false) accounts in the homeowner’s name.

Perhaps it’s not your neighbour, but one of the major companies that have headquarters in Oakville. But instead of personal information that’s stolen it’s client details. In which case, the business can be charged according to federal laws created to protect consumers’ personal information. As a result, they can be slapped with a huge fine and have to engage in some pretty significant damage control to save the reputation of their brand.

There’s too much risk associated with throwing out your personal information without having it shredded first. Secure document destruction in Burlington and Oakville guarantee your physical and electronic files are safe from identity theft. It removes the middle man of a garbage truck, so there’s no opportunity to find your unshredded material. Your confidential material starts in your home or place of business until their mobile shredders arrive to your location. While on-site, they’ll destroy your documents so nothing can be retrieved before they personally deliver the incinerated material to a secure recycling plant.

The best shredding services are fully licensed with employees who are bonded, knowledgeable, and friendly. They follow official NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) regulations to ensure their shredding process is as effective as possible. This affects everything that they offer, including commercial and residential one-time or scheduled shredding services.

Don’t take a chance and leave your files in the garbage. Make sure you hire a local shredding service that you can rely on to completely destroy your documents. Only then will you or your company’s financial information be safe from identity thieves.